October 01, 2023

Fourteen Panthers all-district, Hayes all state

Following Harlan’s fourth quarter comeback victory at the state championship game Saturday, Hawkeye 10 released its all-district teams.

The Panthers placed one player on the Iowa All-State Second Team, three players on the District 3A First Team, seven on the District 3A Second Team and four on honorable mention.

First Team Panthers

Junior running back Brennan Hayes is the sole offensive player from Creston on first team, and he was named unanimously. This season Hayes logged 1,338 yards and 11 touchdowns on 184 carries.

In the Panthers’ Sept. 23 homecoming 39-0 victory against Knoxville, Hayes rushed for 433 yards and two touchdowns - setting a new school record for yards in a single game and landing 11th all-time in Iowa 11-man football history.

Hayes also made the Iowa All-State Second Team with his rushing performance.

Senior defensive back Gannon Greenwalt was also unanimously named to the first team defense. Greenwalt led the Panthers in total and solo tackles, accumulating 54.5 and 35, respectively.

Junior Austin Evans (defensive-at-large) comes in just behind Greenwalt with 46.5 total tackles and 26 solo tackles. Evans was also named to the first team defense. Evans was a menace in the backfield with eight tackles for loss and a team-high five sacks.

Second Team Panthers

The All-District Second Team offense is loaded with Panthers. Senior Kyle Strider takes the helm at quarterback after completing 118 passes for 1,766 yards and 14 touchdowns.

The junior duo of Cael Turner and Dylan Calvin at receiver/tight end made the team together. Turner had 532 yards and four touchdowns while Calvin had 363 yards and a touchdown.

The second-team offense is rounded out by junior Quinten Fuller at lineman.

Junior defensive lineman Max Chapman made the second team defense after his season with 21 solo tackles and team-high 8.5 tackles for loss.

Senior Ty Morrison was named at linebacker and senior Austin Seaton named for defensive-at-large. The boys had 40.5 and 39 total tackles, respectively.

Honorable Mention Panthers

On offense, juniors Brandon Briley and Jagger Luther earned honorable mention spots.

On defense, it was senior Cade Wurster and junior McCoy Haines earning their positions.

All-District First Team

Offense -

QB: Teagon Kasperbauer, senior from Harlan

RB: Brevin Doll, junior from ADM

RB: Brennan Hayes, junior from Creston

REC/TE: Colton Rasmussen, junior from Atlantic

REC/TE: Cade Sears, junior from Harlan

REC/TE: Jacob Birch, senior from Harlan

Linemen: Ben Gard, senior from ADM

Linemen: Drew Hickey, junior from ADM

Linemen: Brenden Casey, senior from Atlantic

Linemen: Jace Gubbles, senior from Harlan

Linemen: Austin Schumacher, senior from Harlan

Offensive-At-Large: Caden Andersen, senior from Atlantic

Offensive-At-Large: Aiden Flora, junior from ADM

Offensive-At-Large: Cade Morse, senior from ADM

Kicker: Stephen Leinen, senior from Harlan

Defense -

Linemen: Vince Benetti, senior from ADM

Linemen: Dane Beals, junior from ADM

Linemen: Gunner Schmitz, senior from Harlan

Linemen: Zane Bendorf, senior from Harlan

LB: Christian Madison, senior from ADM

LB: Jackson McLaren, senior from Atlantic

LB: Garrett Assmann, senior from Harlan.

LB: Matthew Sorfonden, junior from Harlan

DB: Easton O’Brien, senior from Atlantic

DB: Wil Neuharth, senior from Harlan

DB: Aiden Hall, senior from Harlan

DB: Gannon Greenwalt, senior from Creston

Defensive-At-Large: Miles Mundorf, senior from Atlantic

Defensive-At-Large: Evan Sorensen, sophomore from Atlantic

Defensive-At-Large: Austin Evans, junior from Creston

Punter: Sam Holloway, senior from ADM.

All-District Second Team

Offense -

QB: Kyle Stride, senior from Creston

RB: Chase Grove, senior from ADM

RB: William Kenkel, senior from Harlan

REC/TE: Carter Pellett, senior from Atlantic

REC/TE: Cael Turner, junior from Creston

REC/TE: Dylan Calvin, junior from Creston

Linemen: Reid Woodward, sophomore from Atlantic

Linemen: Jack Bertrand, junior from Knoxville

Linemen: Damian Bartmess, senior from Saydel

Linemen: Quinten Fuller, junior from Creston

Linemen: Drew Obstarczyk, junior from ADM

Offensive-At-Large: Noah Keefer, junior from Knoxville

Offensive-At-Large: Dante Hedrington, junior from Atlantic

Offensive-At-Large: George Gilbert, junior from Knoxville

Kicker: Luka DeJong, senior from Knoxville

Defense -

Linemen: Max Chapman, junior from Creston

Linemen: Wayne Johnston, junior from Knoxville

Linemen: Karver Sutton, sophomore from ADM

Linemen: Franz Reisz, junior from Harlan

LB: Tanner O’Brien, senior from Atlantic

LB: Ty Morrison, senior from Creston

LB: Kale Kincaid, junior from Knoxville

LB: Tyce Huyck, junior from Knoxville

DB: Isaac McClure, senior from Saydel

DB: Jay Kellar, junior from Knoxville

DB: Ryan Conrad, senior from ADM

DB: AJ Ollin, sophomore from Saydel

Defensive-At-Large: Dolton Keller, junior from Saydel

Defensive-At-Large: Grady Godwin, sophomore from Saydel

Defensive-At-Large: Austin Seaton, senior from Creston

Punter: Max Magana, sophomore from Knoxville.

All-District Honorable Mention:

Offense -

Sophomore Hayden Soma of Harlan

Junior Stephen Fah of Harlan

Junior Brandon Briley of Creston

Junior Jagger Luther of Creston

Senior Jonah Peak of Saydel

Freshman Cooper Hanasz of Saydel

Senior Cole Park of Atlantic

Senior Nathan Keiser of Atlantic

Sophomore Xavier Darrow of Atlantic

Sophomore Koby Higginbotham of Knoxville

Junior Spencer Van Hauen of Knoxville

Senior Konner Leslie of Knoxville

Defense -

Senior Cade Wurster of Creston

Junior McCoy Haines of Creston

Senior Bret Van Baale of Harlan

Senior Brad Curren of Harlan

Senior Jacob Crannell of ADM

Senior Justin Holm of ADM

Senior Ben Smith of ADM

Senior Nate Fisher of ADM

Senior Xander Potter of Saydel

Sophomore Parker Swafford of Saydel

Junior Colton Becker of Atlantic

Senior Jarrett Armstrong of Atlantic

Senior Clevi Johnson of Atlantic

Junior Dakota Ramsey of Knoxville

Cheyenne Roche


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