May 15, 2021

Creston/O-M girls tennis goes 1-2 on the weekend

The Creston/O-M Panthers were pleased that though they came out of the weekend 1-2 in duals played against tough competition, they gained valuable matches they will be able to take with them through the remainder of the season.

After beating Clarke Friday night 6-3, the Panthers took a 9-2 loss to Norwalk Saturday and a 6-3 setback to Shenandoah.

Creston/O-M stormed to a 4-1 lead aerly against Clarke, getting wins in singles from Maddie Frey, Morgan Driskell and Karly Calvin, before Halle Evans beat her opponent for the team’s other singles win.

In doubles, the Panthers came out on top of the first two matches, Driskell/Sam Dunphy winning 8-3 and Frey/Calvin beating their opponents 8-4.

Norwalk, Shenandoah beat Panthers

Against a young Norwalk squad, the Panthers got wins from their top two players in singles before the Warriors rattled off four straight wins. Frey beat Norwalk sophomore Kelsey Dammeier 8-5 and Driskell edged Norwalk freshman Anya Kallenback 9-7.

The Warriors swept doubles play from the Panthers.

The Panthers had a singles win from Driskell, 8-2 over Shenandoah’s Erin Baldwin, in the loss to the Fillies. In doubles, Driskell/Jess Eblen beat Erin Baldwin/Emma Olson in a tight 9-8 (7-5) match, and Evans/Caitlin Bruce topped Libby Ehlers/Cheyenne Gough (8-6) at No. 3 doubles for a win.

“We just really struggled this afternoon against Shenandoah,” Cooper said. “Conditions weren’t great, but both teams had to deal with them. We weren’t patient and just really struggled with consistency. We will get back at it Monday and hopefully improve and move forward.”

Creston travels to Ballard Tuesday.

Creston/O-M 6, Clarke 3

Varsity Singles

Maddie Frey (C/O-M) def. Alivia Bakely (Clarke) 8-1; Morgan Driskell (C/O-M) def. Chailyn Beydler (Clarke) 8-1; Karly Calvin (C/O-M) def. Ava Hagen (Clarke) 8-6; Madisyn McCoy (Clarke) def. Sam Dunphy (C/O-M) 8-1; Halle Evans (C/O-M) def. Jadie Bowlsby (Clarke) 8-3; Molly Sickels (Clarke) def. Jess Eblen (C/O-M) 9-7.

Varsity Doubles

Driskell/Dunphy (C/O-M) def. Bakely/Beydler (Clarke) 8-3; Frey/Calvin (C/O-M) def. Hagen/McCoy (Clarke) 8-4; Bowlsby/Sickels (Clarke) def. Evans/Bruce (C/O-M) 8-4.

Norwalk 9, Creston/O-M 2

Varsity Singles

Frey (C/O-M) def. Kelsey Dammier (N) 8-4; Driskell (C/O-M) def. Anya Kallenback (N) 9-7; Ava Johnson (N) def. Calvin (C/O-M) 8-1; Madison Haskell (N) def. Evans (C/O-M) 8-1; Sami Aagard (N) def. Jess Eblen (C/O-M) 8-2); Charlee Peters (N) def. Caitlin Bruce (C/O-M) 8-6.

Varsity Doubles

Dammeier/Johnson (N) def. Driskell/Calvin (C/O-M) 8-4; Kallenback/Haskell (N) def. Evans/Bruce (C/O-M) 8-5; Aagard/Peters (N) def. Eblen/Mahan (C/O-M) 8-1; Larson/Dehmer (N) def. Wheeler/Li (C/O-M) 8-2; Atha-Abbott/Ligvingston (N) def. Bailey/Tallmon (C/O-M) 8-5.

Shenandoah 6, Creston/O-M 3

Varsity Singles

Jessica Sun (Shen) def. Frey (C/O-M) 8-5; Driskell (C/O-M) def. Erin Baldwin (Shen) 8-2; Paige Gleason (Shen) def. Calvin (C/O-M) 8-5; Emma Olson (Shen) def. Evans (C/O-M) 8-5; Libby Ehlers (Shen) def. Eblen (C/O-M) 8-0; Vesta Bopp (Shen) def. Bruce (C/O-M) 8-1.

Varsity Doubles

Sun/Gleason (Shen) def. Frey/Calvin (C/O-M) 8-5; Driskell/Eblen (C/O-M) def. Baldwin/Olson (Shen) 9-8 (7-5); Evans/Bruce (C/O-M) def. Ehlers/Cheyenne Gough (Shen) 8-6.