May 29, 2024

Celebrating National Nursing Home Week at Clearview Homes & Estates

Clearview Homes - Celebrating National Nursing Home Week at Clearview Homes & Estates

May 12 - 18 is National Nursing Home Week, a time dedicated to honoring the contributions of nursing home employees and recognizing the strength of nursing home residents. At Clearview Homes & Estates, this special week aligns perfectly with our mission to provide compassionate, quality care to our residents, ensuring they enjoy a dignified and fulfilling lifestyle.

Established in close-knit communities, Clearview Homes emphasizes the time-tested adage that neighbors take care of neighbors. We recognize that our residents are not just beneficiaries of care, but are integral members of our community.

Personal Choice and Quality Care

In honoring National Nursing Home Week, we focus on personal choice and autonomy, fundamental aspects of the care provided at Clearview Homes. Our facilities are designed to be safe and cozy, where residents can feel truly at home, respected, and valued. We strive to offer care that adapts to the personal needs and preferences of each resident, supported by a staff that is continually educated on the latest developments in elder care.

Engaging Activities and Community Interaction

Clearview Homes are vibrant with activities that engage our residents physically, mentally, and socially. This week, we further enhance our activity calendar with special events that encourage intergenerational interaction and community involvement.

Peace of Mind for Families

As we provide for our seniors, we also give peace of mind to their families, knowing that their loved ones receive the highest standard of care. Clearview Homes are Medicare, Medicaid, and VA certified, ensuring we meet rigorous standards for health and safety.

Celebrating National Nursing Home Week at Clearview Homes is about more than recognizing our employees and our seniors; it’s about actively integrating them into the daily life of the community. We invite new faces to join us in this celebration and see firsthand the quality of life Clearview Homes offers.

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