police lights

Mackenzie Giltner, 26, of Ottumwa was taken into custody 1:40 a.m. May 20 at Sumner and Taylor streets on the charge of driving while barred.

According to a Creston Police report at approximately 1:30 a.m. officers stopped a 2007 Lincoln MKX for traveling 35 mph in a 25 mph zone. The driver of the vehicle, identified as Giltner was found to have a barred license.

Giltner was cited and released at the scene on a summons to appear.

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Matthew Garcia, 29, of Creston, was taken into custody 9:59 a.m. May 20 on two Union County warrants for the charges of harassment, second degree and assault.

According to a Creston Police report, at approximately 5:10 p.m. March 7, Garcia made threats of bodily injury to an adult female and her unborn child while she was shopping with her boyfriend at Walmart. Garcia then charged her boyfriend in an attempt to fight him. The female pulled the male victim back so he could not make contact with Garcia. Garcia then looked at her stomach and made threatening statements to her unborn child. Later, Garcia sent a text to the male victim calling him derogatory names and making threatening statements.

Garcia was transported to the Union County Jail where he was released from after posting $1,300 cash or surety bond.

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William Atteberry, 56, of Lenox, was taken into custody 12:16 p.m. May 21, on the charge of harassment, third degree.

According to a Creston Police report, Atteberry followed a vehicle to Walmart and parked behind it to confront the female driver after he believed she had been tailgating him. Atteberry approached the vehicle, hit the window and yelled at the victim, causing her to be alarmed, annoyed, afraid and intimidated. Atteberry then pulled over to Walmart employee and began yelling and cursing at her. As the victim walked inside of the store, Atteberry yelled at her, calling her vulgar names and again causing her to be alarmed, annoyed and scared. Atteberry admitted to officers the victim would have been understandably frightened by his behavior.

Atteberry was cited and released at the scene on a summons to appear.