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No injuries were reported in a two-vehicle accident Friday in Union County.

According to a Union County report, at approximately 4:31 p.m. a 2019 Ford Expedition, driven by Vanissa Spencer, 45, of Thayer, was northbound on Highway 169 near 185th Street when she slowed down to turn into a private drive and was hit. Abigail Neisemier, 15, of Thayer, looked down to grab her phone and didn’t see the Expedition slowing down. She was following too close in a 2013 Dodge Avenger, and didn’t have time to stop.

Damages to the Expedition and Avenger were estimated at $2,500 each.

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No citations were issued in a two-vehicle accident Saturday in Creston.

According to a Creston Police report, at approximately 4:14 p.m. a 2016 Jeep Cherokee, driven by Ricky Hoadley, 64, of Red Oak, was northbound on Spruce Street, stopped at a stop sign at Howard Street, when he attempted to proceed across the intresection and hit a 2014 Buick LaCrosse, driven by Alexandra Groumoutis, 19, of Creston, who was westbound on Howard Street. Hoadley said he looked but did not see the LaCrosse, who did not have a stop sign.

Estimated damages to both vehicles was listed at $1,000 each.