police lights

Robert Pilon Jr., 49, of Creston, was taken into custody at his residence 12:23 a.m. Sept. 23 on the charges of OWI first offense, interference with official acts and obstruction of emergency communications.

According to a Creston Police report, on Sept. 22 officers were in the area of Mulberry and Summit streets on an unrelated call when a vehicle was observed stopping on the roadway down the street from officers. After the brief stop, the vehicle proceeded through the intersection where officers were sitting and an officer observed the vehicle to not have any license plate lights working. A traffic stop was initiated and the vehicle pulled into a driveway of a residence at Mulberry and Summit streets. When officers attempted to make contact with the driver, the driver refused to roll the window of the vehicle down and only cracked it. He showed the officer his license through the window and refused to give the license and vehicle paperwork to the officer. During the interaction the driver, identified as Pilon, the officer observed him to speak in a lethargic manner with slurred tone and Pilon had glossed over eyes. Pilon made several calls to 911 after being told not to. After approximately 16 minutes of Pilon refusing basic interactions with the officers, the chief of police was contacted and responded to the scene and made contact with the driver, who eventually rolled down his window. At this time, officers detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the male while he spoke. Pilon grabbed the chief of police’s arm when he attempted to open the door. Pilon got out of the vehicle and was asked if he would consent to sobriety testing, he said he would only consent if the chief of police conducted the testing but was told that was not an option. Pilon refused all testing on the scene including PBT testing. While attempting to walk Pilon to the patrol unit, the officer stated Pilon attempted to push back and was felt grabbing the officer’s taser. After being transported to the Law Enforcement Center, a breath sample was requested from Pilon, he did not provide the sample. While in the Law Enforcement Center officers advised that Pilon was disrespectful and argumentative, demanding and swearing at officers and called 911 two more times while there. Pilon removed his handcuff and refused to comply with commands. He became physically aggressive while resisting officers who were attempting to handcuff him behind the back, and was taken to the ground. The handcuffs came off again and officers had to physically fight with Pilon, during which time, he kicked at officers and grabbed the wrist of one.

Pilon was taken to the Union County Jail and held on $1,600 cash or surety bond.