Adair County Sheriff

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Madison LM Hayward, 21, of Cleveland, Maine, was taken into custody 2:15 p.m. April 25, by Iowa State Patrol, near mile marker 76 on Interstate 80. She was charged with possession of a controlled substance - marijuana, first offense; possession of a controlled substance - psilocybin mushrooms, first offense and possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to an Adair County Sheriff’s report, Hayward was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped by Iowa State Patrol for speeding. The trooper advised that as he approached the vehicle, the odor of raw marijuana was immediately detected. Both the driver and Hayward were requested to exit the vehicle and sit in a patrol unit to preserve evidence that may be located during a search. While the trooper processed the speed violation, an additional trooper arrived on scene to assist. Troopers searched the front passenger area where they located two “dab tools” in the door storage area, that had a waxy substance on the tips. Under the passenger seat, plant material, consistent with marijuana and what appeared to be psilocybin mushrooms, were located. Additional paraphernalia was also found under the passenger seat, including a rolling tray that had marijuana shake on it. While Troopers were actively searching the trunk of the vehicle, Hayward approached them and advised that there was marijuana in a bag belonging to her, located in the trunk and that there was an additional bag in the trunk with paraphernalia. Hayward stated that all of the contraband that was located was hers.

She was released from the Adair County Jail after posting a $2,300 cash or surety bond.

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Allen J. Sample, 50, of Des Moines, was taken into custody 5:16 p.m. April 29, at mile marker 86 on Interstate 80 and charged with operating while under the influence - first offense.

According to an Adair County Sheriff’s report, 4:04 p.m., April 29, a law enforcement broadcast was made stating a white, older style box van was reported to be all over the road westbound on Interstate 80. An Adair County deputy was near the reported location of the vehicle and located a vehicle matching the description and followed the van to observe. The deputy advised that he immediately noticed that the van was following too close to the vehicle in front of it, then he observed the van cross the fog-line and the rumble bars twice. A traffic stop was initiated and the driver of van, Sample, had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from him and admitted to consuming alcohol. While walking Sample to the patrol vehicle, the deputy stated that Sample almost fell over due to impaired balance. Sample was only able to complete the HGN test because he stated that a previous injury prohibited him from correctly completing any others. Sample agreed to take a preliminary breath test, to which the sample provided indicated a BrAC over .08%. Sample refused to provide a specimen of his breath for the Datamaster.

Sample was released from the Adair County Jail after posting $1,000 cash or surety bond.

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Erich S. Johnson, 38, of Casey, was taken into custody by Adair Police Department 10:29 p.m. April 29, on the 300 block of Audubon Street, Adair on the charge of driving while barred.

According to an Adair Police report, Guthrie County disptach reported that information was received Johnson was driving a red Chevy Cavalier and was enroute to Adair. License plate information was also given. An Adair Police officer observed the vehicle reported at a residence in Adair and observed a male subject matching Johnson’s description get into the vehicle and drive away. A traffic stop was initiated and the driver was confirmed to be Erich Johnson, with an Iowa license status of barred.

Johnson was released from the Union County Jail after posting $2,000 cash or surety bond.

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Matthew D. Swanson, 32, of Orient, was taken into custody 12:50 a.m. April 30, in Orient and charged with operating while under the influence, first offense.

According to an Adair County Sheriff’s report, officers were looking for an individual that had wrecked his vehicle when a SUV parked at a residence on the 200 block of East 1st street in Orient, known to be the residence of the person who officers were attempting to locate. Officers advised that when they approached the vehicle, they found it to be running but unoccupied. A male, identified as Matthew Swanson, was seen by officers near the house, who officers advised had the odor of alcohol coming from him when they made contact. Matthew admitted to officers that he had drove from his residence to look for a friend. Matthew consented to field sobriety tests, which according to officers, indicated impairment but refused to take a preliminary breath test. After being taken into custody and transported to the Adair County Sheriff’s Office, Swanson provided a breath specimen for testing in the Datamaster, which indicated a BrAC test result of .190 %.

Swanson was released from the Adair County Jail after posting a $1,000 cash or surety bond.

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Robert W. Fears, 49, of Fort Collins, Colorado, was taken into custody 5:45 p.m. April 30, in Stuart in the charges of criminal mischief third degree, possession of a controlled substance marijuana - first offense and trespass causing injury or damage greater than $300.

According to a Stuart Police report, officers observed a few poeple leaving from behind Burger King, 804 S. Division, which is permanently closed and went to check the property for any criminal activity. Officers reported observing personal items inside, leading them to believe that someone was squatting in the abandoned building. When checking the exterior doors of the building, officers found that the east door had the glass shattered and kicked in and officers could see a male, later identified as Robert Fears, laying on the floor inside. Fears told officers that he had been in the building for a few hours and knew that he should not be but was trying to get out of the wind. The only way that Fears could have entered the building was through the broken glass door on the east. During a search of Fears and his belongings , two containers of a green leafy substance, consistent with marijuana, were located.

Fears is being held in the Adair County Jail on a $4,000 cash or surety bond.