Roudybush reunion

68th Annual Roudybush Reunion

The 68th annual reunion of the family of William and Maria Griffith Roudybush was postponed in June 2020 by one year due to COVID19 safety concerns. The 68th annual reunion was held Sunday, June 27, 2021, at the home of Jim, DJ and Shanna Brown near Lenox. It was a picture-perfect day for the family members to celebrate with each other.

Sandy O’Riley presided over the business meeting. She read the minutes of the 67th reunion (2019), and family history updates that follow. The current funds in the treasury have not changed since 2019. Barbara Rauch has agreed to serve as President and Secretary/Treasurer for the next year. Barbara will be contacting family members to review address lists and family generational information. A monetary gift was collected and given to Jim Brown and his family for hosting the reunion at their home. We will plan to meet there again next year at noon on June 26, 2022.

Family history updates include:


Don and Maralyn Barker celebrated their 70th Anniversary in September 2019.


Sharon Sophie Miller was born 11/21/2018 to Scott and Kaley Miller. Sharon is the granddaughter of and Sharon Miller and the late Stephen Miller.

Malachi Myles Miller was born 4/2019 to Savannah Miller. Malachi is the grandson of Susan Miller.

Ronin James Conklin was born 12/26/2019 to Mishell Ohren. Ronin is the grandson of Natalie Tietge and the great grandson of Rick and Laura Walton.

Hailey Dawn Cox was born 1/16/2020 to Teresa and Rob Cox. Hailey is the granddaughter of Eula and Duane Dolecheck.

Lathan John Miller was born 6/2/2020 to Zach and Chelsie (Dukes) Miller. Lathan is the grandson of Travis and Sara Dukes and the great grandson of Bill and Chris Brown.

Jazlynn Elizabeth Martinez was born 6/18/2020 to Frank and Sammy Martinez. Jazlynn is the granddaughter of Stephanie Marshall and great granddaughter of Gary Brown and the late Kathy Brown.

Beckett Lee Gaule was born 7/10/2020 to Travis and Kerri Gaule. Beckett is the grandson of Deanna and Mike Rieke.

Miller Kate Triplett was born 6/10/2021 to Daniel and Katelyn Kimsey. Miller is the granddaughter of Danny and Karen (Yarnell) Kimsey and great granddaughter of Howard and Cathy (Miller) Yarnell.


Jeremy Powell and Alexandra Green were married 3/16/2019. Jeremy is the son of John and Michelle Powell and the grandson of Pauline Crussell.

Megan Brown and Cody McMann were married 10/12/2019. Megan is the daughter of Jim Brown and the granddaughter of Bob and Kathlyn Brown.

Katelyn Kimsey and Daniel Triplett were married 2/15/2020. Katelyn is the daughter of Danny and Karen Kimsey and the granddaughter of Howard and Catherine (Miller) Yarnell.

Troy Tietge and Natalie Diane Williams were married 9/2020. Troy is the son of Rick and Laura (Roudybush) Walton.

Sara Catherine Murphy and Johnathan Sterrett were married 10/10/2020. Sara is the daughter of Pat and Margaret (Miller) Murphy.

Monica LaCasse and Nick Brummer were married 10/24/2020. Monica is the daughter of Pete and Dawn (Lumbard) LaCasse.

Justin Powell and Tara Ann Harding were married 5/29/2021. Justin is the son of John and Michelle Powell and the grandson of Pauline Crussell.


Alan Paul Miller, husband of Debbie Miller, son of Joseph Eugene Miller and Rose Catherine (Novak), passed away on 1/1/2020.

Jeffery Allen Haley, husband of Janet Haley, son of Harry and Ruth Annella (Roudybush) Haley, passed away on 1/17/2021. A Celebration of Life is scheduled for Saturday, July 10, 2021, at 11:00 AM at the Grinnell United Methodist Church.

Linda Novak Walker, daughter of Paul & Lupe Novak, passed away on 5/1/21.

Michael Dean Sobotka, husband of Robin Sobotka, son of Jerry Sobotka and Becky Graf passed away 7/28/2020.

The following were in attendance: Bob and Kathlyn Brown, Gary Brown, Jim Brown, DJ and Shawna Brown, Hailley Brown, Daysen Gregg, Tyson Brown, Nick and Jenna Brown, Emma, Laine, Nikenna, & Alana, Megan and Cody McMann, Stephanie Brown, Duncan & Dawson Marshall, Izear Sewell, Leevi Marshall, Samantha Martinez, Jaxton, Zayden & Jazlynn, Kristina Maicierri, Hugh and Sherri Vogel, all of Lenox; John and Pat Wilson of Clearfield; Mike and Dee Rieke of Corning; Don and Maralyn Barker, Sandy & Diana O’Riley of Ames; Roy and Nancy Lumbard, Duane Dolecheck of Creston; Ernie and Mary Hower of Norwalk; Karen and Mike Schaefer of Maloy; Pat and Margaret Murphy of DesMoines; Joyce King, Patrick and Hayley English of Spencer; Pauline Crussell of Clarinda; Leigh Asher of Fayettville, AR; Jerry Haley, Raymond and Judy Hensley of Mt. Ayr; Gary and Kris Roudybush, Aiden & Austin Roudybush of Osceola; Lee and Mary Roudybush, Shirley Petersen, Joann Ballenger of Muscatine.