April 17, 2024

LETTER: It’s time for him to stand up

Vicky Brenner


A new year is filled with a promise of renewal and hope for many. However, as I write this, I find myself frustrated.

Iowa’s governor recently announced she would halt summer meal programs for low-income families. A purely political move that hurts Iowa’s kids. As I look back on my 34 years in public education, I know that many of our students depended on the nutrition our school meals provided. Summer is tough for kids who live in food-insecure homes.

And now, in Congress, Zach Nunn is pursuing tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy. This action benefits a select few and deepens the divide here in our 3rd Congressional District. The majority of his constituents are not millionaires; we are hardworking individuals. And many are struggling to make ends meet and facing greater challenges because our governor refuses federal funding to give families a hand up.

It is disheartening to see Nunn continually prioritize the interests of the wealthy over the working and middle class. His inaugural vote protected tax evaders and set a tone that echoed throughout the first year of his term. Twice voting for billions in tax breaks for big corporations further highlights a misalignment with the economic struggles of his constituents. We need a Congress member who is looking out for the Iowans Governor Reynolds is leaving behind, not just the privileged few. Nunn must remember that Iowa is not made up of millionaires, and it’s time for him to stand up for all the people in his district.