April 17, 2024

LETTER: Choose wisely

Gary O’Daniels


As we are moving rapidly toward making political decisions that will have tremendous consequences on the future of the United States, I am reminded of a scene from the movie, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.”

The treasure hunters are searching for the Holy Grail, which supposedly was the cup that Jesus drank from during the Last Supper. Drinking from the Holy Grail cup was believed to give the individual eternal life, which was why it was considered the “ultimate prize.” As they are viewing all of the chalices in the cave, they are told to “choose wisely” by the individual who is the guardian of the chalices. Many of the chalices were made of gold, silver and adorned with several precious stones.

As the story develops, the treasure hunters chose a golden chalice decorated with emeralds, rubies and other precious jewels. Their choice ultimately led to their deaths because they did not choose wisely. How does this relate to our upcoming political choices?

We can be fooled to believe in promises and statements that sound attractive now, but could ultimately lead our country down the wrong path. We must choose wisely. Do you want a Commander-in-Chief who does not like to be in the presence of military amputees because it does not look good for him? Do you want a Commander-in-Chief who would not visit the graves of service men and women who died during World War II because he considered them losers? Do you want a Commander-in-Chief who showed contempt on national TV for Gold Star families? We must choose wisely.

I agree with former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly who said the “former president Donald Trump is unfit to be Commander-in-Chief.” Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, in a recent podcast, stated that former president Trump is an “authoritarian narcist and that his tendencies are guided by narcissism and whatever makes him popular or feel good at the time.”

Recently these three former White House staffers, Cassidy Hutchinson, Alyssa Farah Griffin and Sarah Matthew have stated “that a second presidential term for former president Trump could mean the end of American democracy as we know it.” Can you have a clear conscience if you support a candidate for president who has been twice impeached and who has been indicted on 91 counts of state and federal violations? Once again, as we are approaching the upcoming election process, let us choose wisely.