April 17, 2024

LETTER: Learn to deal with it

I read your [Tuesday column by Larry Peterson] about Joni Ernst and what you perceived to be a “snarky” remark. I disagree with you.

According to what I interpreted from the article; it would appear that you are in line with the so-called “wokeness” in America. We now can’t say “Merry Christmas” to a complete stranger as this might “offend”.

We can’t follow our faith and object to the LBGQT crowd as this might offend them. Guess what, parading transvestites around in front of school children offends me.

The city of Philadelphia recently refused to call a Christmas Tree a Christmas Tree. This offends me, and yet I do not consider myself “woke”. We used to be able to tell jokes to each other about each other and laugh, but not now, we might just offend someone and hurt their feelings. I say grow up, if you think we can go through this thing called life without having our feelings hurt from time to time you are living in a fantasy world. It is part of life. Learn to deal with it.

It is evident to the educated reader that this is a veiled attempt to discredit our conservative governor and senator. If you have a bone to pick with them, find something worthwhile to write about. You are scrambling to find something to discredit them and have failed miserably. In the interest of free speech, I would really like to see my response to you in “Letters to the Editor.”