December 09, 2023

LETTER: Farm families be aware

Denice Willett


Families of farm kids with school permits be aware. If your student is pulled over for speeding, they may also be pulled over for being off their route.

With the speeding ticket comes a 30-day suspension of your student’s license. With the addition of a second citing, in this case of off route, there will be a six-month suspension of their license.

Our granddaughter was caught speeding, she was pulled over and received tickets for speeding and in addition, a ticket for being off of her route, even though she wasn’t.

She was on a farm run to get medication for the cows when she was pulled over. She was in a hurry because she knew there were people waiting for her. We understand that is wrong but she was on her route.

She plead not guilty for her off route ticket, but after the hearing, she and her father approached the county attorney. They were told they should just pay the fine since her suspension would only be 30 days, so they paid the fine.

Recently, we learned that upon paying the find, she was pleading guilty to being off her route and lost her license for six months. On the advice of a police officer, we asked the county attorney to reopen the case which he denied.

When family members have called to talk to the county attorney, he has refused to meet with them in person and will only communicate with us via phone. He has treated us like we are criminals and that we are below him even though he works for us.

This county attorney wasn’t even elected. He was appointed due to no candidates running for the position. He has no knowledge or even cares to know, about the farming community, which is very important to this area.

I would just like everyone to know what kind of person is representing us in court. It was in the CNA that he has let pedophiles go, but won’t even take a second look at our granddaughter’s issue. What is the world coming to?