December 09, 2023

LETTER: Thank you Jordan

Loretta Harvey


Thank you Jordan Nelson for running a good, clean race for city council.

Thank you for doing your homework and learning about city government and the budget issues. You were certainly the most knowledgeable candidate about the $8.10 levy issue. Admittedly, Kiki Scarberry told the attendees at the public forum that she just couldn’t wrap her head around the issue. I sure hope that she and the other city council members figure out the financial significance it will have on the city budget.

Thank you Jordan for listening to the landlords on the rental housing ordinance issues. Thank you for recognizing the financial burdens of the proposed inspections by an out-of-town company who has a conflict of interest. And thank you for recognizing the constitutionality issues and the liability that our city may have. I sure hope that Kiki remembers her campaign promise of letting tenants sign exemptions. (I think the proper term should be waivers.)

Our mayor-elect seemed to convey good intentions and I hope that he can make a positive impact on our city. Hopefully, he doesn’t find it necessary to pose in calendars and raise money for local businesses that are already receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money.

The theme at the candidate forum seemed to be that “we all need to work together.” I hope that for the good of our city that all of the council members and the new mayor will listen to their constituents, business owners and property owners and find ways to work with us and not against us. Hopefully they will learn to respect the opinions and experience of those of us trying to express our concerns. Unfortunately, the last few years, the mayor and council have promoted a lot of personal gain agendas. As taxpayers we need to pay close attention, show up at meetings, ask hard questions and stay vigilant. Otherwise, this town is going to crumble.