July 18, 2024

LETTER: Are you kidding?

Bill Magers


In the April 26, 2023, edition of the News Advertiser a columnist was talking glowingly of Vice President Kamala Harris. The statement was made, “Harris meets all of the requirements of a winning Vice Presidential candidate. She was an accomplished California attorney general before being elected to the Senate, she is the right age, right gender, and a woman of color.” Seriously, are you kidding me?

What does age, gender or person of color have to do with qualification for a job? What about competency, aptitude, character, intelligence and wisdom? Notice the statement said, " all of the requirements.” Age, gender and color should not even considered. Some people say President Biden is too old to be president. There are people 80 years old and older that are still very sharp mentally. That’s why competency should be considered before age. This administration is full of incompetent people because they were picked because they fit certain categories and not their competency. We can see the results of that now as our country falls apart before our eyes.

Also in a May 17th column in the News Advertiser talking about the debt limit stand off, the comment was made that, “There needs to be a policy whereby the debt ceiling is raised automatically when needed to pay the bills.” Again, seriously?” That’s like sending your teenager off to college with a credit card with a debt limit and telling them not to worry about the debt limit because if it goes over it will still pay the bill. Remember these people are not spending their own money, they are spending our money, our children’s money and our grandchildren’s money.