April 01, 2023

LETTER: A learning experience

Marcia Fulton


Did you miss them? Did you miss the wonderful events, presentations, and music that was shared during Black History Month?

Some of the highlights included the Hot Air Brewery brewing a special beer “Good Trouble” donating the proceeds to the Human Rights Coalition. SWCC held two nights of music including a fantastic jazz recital and another delving into Motown history and music. The Creston Arts shared homemade quilts and wall hangings at the Depot and Coalition members wrote letters to the editor sharing personal experiences of racism, privilege, and concern.

Gibson Memorial Library hosted three events. The first highlighted the “Underground Railroad in Iowa” and the Harriet Tubman story of her contribution in moving black slaves north after the Civil War. Jane Briley, Susan Weight and Terry Ammon fielded lots of questions to a crowded conference room.

The following week Connie Maxson and Annette Rice took us on a visual tour of their recent trip to Alabama tracing the “Selma to Montgomery”Civil Rights March.

The final event on our 2023 Civil Rights/Black History Month ended with Pastor Evan and Amanda McVann’s visually taking us on a trip they had taken with Lutheran pastors. Their trip took them through Tennessee and Alabama highlighting museums and sites of interest including the hotel where Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated.

For several of us, February was a great learning experience. If you joined us, great. If not, hope you’ll consider it in 2024. Meanwhile find us on Facebook.