October 01, 2023

LETTER: Too important to set sit

Jerry Thomsen


A few days ago our Creston hospice house closed because of staffing problems. They did not have enough workers to staff the facility. An employee stated it was not lack of money of which I thought might be the real reason for closing.

I have a solution that could help to alleviate our problem and also help some of our southern border’s problems. We have governors sending people to New York, Chicago, Washington and Martha’s Vineyard. This does nothing but create more problems. My solution is to bring a dozen or so to places like Creston, Mason City and other areas that have hospice houses and train them in language and begin them on a journey to become skilled in areas of health care.

They could start out as aids in the houses and then begin nurse’s training. Our governor might be able to find some money to to give the colleges to offset some of the costs. I also am sure we could find enough places for them to stay until they could be proficient enough to get a living wage and then find their own living quarters. Our places like the church rerun could help to clothe these hard working immigrants.

I think Governor Ray did this with the Cambodians and they are well accepted and are a vital part in our society.

The facility is too important to let sit idle. My wife spent her last hours in this wonderful place and it was a God send.

Only a thought, but could it work?