October 01, 2022

Blessed to have Grassley

Jerry Hartman


Iowa is lucky to have a senator who meets frequently with constituents, rolls up his sleeves and gets to work on their behalf at the policy-making tables in Washington, D.C. As Senator Grassley wraps up his 42nd year of holding 99 county meetings, it’s crystal clear that he knows what it takes to get results.

For example, the FDA recently announced over-the-counter hearing aids will be available beginning this fall. That’s all thanks to a bipartisan bill Senator Grassley got passed, which put this requirement into law a few years ago. The process began after he heard from many Iowans upset by the difficult process and high cost of hearing aids. Because many members of my family deal with hearing problems, this issue is important to me.

Senator Grassley gets results by, first and foremost, listening to our concerns throughout his annual 99 county meetings. After that, he won’t hesitate to take action - including leveraging his experience and relationships to work across the aisle and get things done. Iowa is blessed to have him working for us.