August 16, 2022

LETTER: Elections have consequences

Bill Magers


In regards to the consequences of how people vote; I would like to share a few comments and observations.

Inflation is definitely hard to ignore. When President Biden took office, inflation was 1.4% and now is around 8%. Biden tries to blame Putin for the inflation, but according to TV news reports of June 10, 2022, inflation was at 7% weeks before the invasion of Ukraine.

On his first day in office he cancelled the Keystone pipeline that had the potential to move 840 million barrels of oil to the U.S. a day. Shortly he gave his approval for a pipeline from Russia to Europe thus giving Russia more control over Europe and helping Russia financially. He also issued more restrictions on our domestic production of oil.

At the end of Trump’s term our country was energy independent. According to news reports on March 8, 2022 our oil production had dropped by 1.5 million barrels a day. During the campaign for president he stated several times he was going to end our use of fossil fuels. In fact, on Sept. 6, 2019, when asked his position on fossil fuels, he walked right up to the lady that asked the question and told her to look into his eyes and told her he would guarantee that he would en our use of fossil fuels. He likes to blame “big oil” for the shortfalls.

Stop and think about it. He places more restrictions on oil drilling and tells them that he is going to shut them down; why in the world would a responsible business man risk millions of dollars trying to develop new wells if they are going to shut them down. So he cuts domestic production and goes to Saudi Arabia on bended knee and begs them to sell us more oil. This is the same Saudi Arabia that during the campaign he called Mohammad bin Salmon their leader a murderer and that he would make Saudi Arabia a “pariah.” So he cuts production of fossil fuels here, tries to make up the difference by negotiating with other countries some of which are our enemies, to increase their production.

I don’t have a problem with cutting back on fossil fuels, but do it responsibly. We are not anywhere near ready technologically for that right now. Also look at the mess on our southern border; it’s an invasion. Yes elections have consequences.

Consider carefully whom you vote for in and the mid-terms coming up in November.