June 28, 2022

LETTER: Memorable show

Dean Summerbell, Executive Secretary, Heartland Limousin Association.

On May 28, 2022, the Heartland Limousin Association sponsored the Heartland Junior Regional Limousin Cattle show. Exhibitors from Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Illinois and Colorado traveled to the Union County Fairgrounds in Afton to exhibit their Limousin steers, bulls, and females at the livestock facility on the fairgrounds. Nate Ruby from Murray was the judge for the event.

I want to congratulate all those who contributed to the building of the cattle stalling barn and show arena building. They constructed a very fine venue. It is one of the best show facilities in the Midwest. We appreciated the hospitality from Union County Limousin breeders William and Sarah Long and their family who worked tirelessly to insure a successful event. They did a magnificent job hosting our show. It will go down as one of the most memorable Heartland Regional events we have had.

Thank You