June 25, 2022

Are people satisfied?

Frank Gale


Just read in the newspaper that 10 years ago, the library board was exploring remodeling the old Lincoln school building as the new library. This also brought back memories that at one time the board explored building a new building down across from the post office. Then we also have had plans to expand the present facilities, and now the old Walmart building.

So I am wondering what has happened to the money to expand the present facilities and also wondering if by chance, if the people of Creston are satisfied with the present location and building.

My suggestion is for the library board to return to the original proposal to expand the present facilities if the people of Creston really do feel that the library needs more space. However, If the people of Creston are happy with the present facilities, then the library board needs to back off on moving or at least continue to explore the expansion of the present facilities.