September 19, 2021

LETTER: Partial cure is a sidewalk

From Jim Stalker, Creston

The Townline biking issue will not go away by splashing a little paint on the pavement for walking and biking. It will not be safe ever by assuming the high speed traffic can share the same pavement as inexperienced bikers. Believe me, there is a lot of high speed traffic on that street, not to mention the two and three times every day that emergency ambulances travel that street. A partial cure would be for the the city to build a sidewalk on the north side of Townline, at least on the city-owned property and the church-owned property to Townline Car Wash property. That would cover the hill where most speeders gain their speed.

And then by crossing the street to the south side at the west end of city property, a sidewalk would offer the least obstruction for private property owners back to the trail to the high school on the north side of Townline. Stop signs at those points would slow traffic down to a safer speed overall.