September 19, 2021

LETTER: ‘Disingenuous’ claims

From Robert Lee, Creston

Once again Joni Ernst is being disingenuous when she claims that HR1 and HR4 voting rights bills are a power grab by Democrats. What is a power grab are the hundreds of voter suppression bills put forward and in lots of places like Iowa passed by Republicans in response to Trumps loss and his “BIG LIE” that the election was stolen from him.

Joni needs to read the 14th and 15th amendment to the Constitution that she took an obviously meaningless to her oath to uphold. They empower the federal government to make sure people of color in particular but all people in general the right to vote and have equal protection under the Constitution. If so many Republican controlled states were not pushing laws that in some cases like in Arizona, Texas, and Georgia take away the power Joni herself has wielded we would not be talking about this. They would allow a state legislature to just ignore the will of the voters and declare the winner they like. They would limit mail in voting to those they think will vote Republican. They would criminalize giving people standing in long lines to vote in the sweltering heat water.

Long lines they created by closing polling places and limiting drop boxes. Joni also doesn’t want the dark money she has been accused of illegally using, out of politics because those PACs are where she and Republicans get most of their money.

If you don’t believe me just look at where the money spent to get her elected in 2020 came from compared to her challenger. She claims to want bipartisanship but Republicans, especially those in the senate have done nothing but steal SCOTUS seats to pack the court and obstruct virtually everything else.

Her leader McConnell has said that is his goal. Where was Joni when some of her Republican Senate members actually did act in a bipartisan way and work with Democrats on infrastructure that Iowa desperately needs? Why is she against climate change legislation that hopefully would keep Iowa from being a desert in the next century?

I think we can look right at all that Koch money she has taken to answer that one. The power grab is by Republicans that are quickly becoming the minority in the country because people don’t like their policies. So it has become their goal to keep as many people that they don’t like from voting and that is just plain wrong!!!