September 19, 2021

LETTER: ‘Thanks to all who helped’

From Darlene Loudon, Creston

What a beautiful day the Southside Booster Club had June 19 for the ice cream social, country music and car show fundraiser. We had around 400 people come through. We had 25 cars for the car show. Vance Monday and wife Deb came up to perform from the Branson area with the country band.

Also appearing in the band were Joe Williamson, Mel Briles, Ricky Cross and Rick Titus. Rick Titus was in charge of getting the band together. There are so many wonderful people to thank for helping put this event on. The Creston News Advertiser reporters Jason, Dusty and also Sarah Scull associate editor — thank you.

Thanks to Rich Wenzig, Steve Luther, Wally Miller for bringing their beautiful tractors to display. And to Tony, Gale, Darrell for your part. Mark, Mary, Pat, Korina you were an important part. To the people who donated door prizes you were awesome. Joe, your expertise on setting up our information.

All of the money that we raised stays in Rainbow Park. We now have someone else working on the fountain.

To the workers who parked the cars: Rich, Ted, Tony, Rich, Becky — you done a great job. The ladies: Jeannie, Christy, Deb and Sharon kept the food lines going. Bonnie, Karolyn — thank you. To the anonymous lady who donated the hand-made quilt throw for the raffle, thank you so much. The quilt was won by Dorothy Stuart.

Thanks to Barb for making and donating the Rainbow Park t-shirts, they were beautiful. It was such a perfect day and a very successful event. Again, thank you people who came out to support the Rainbow Park and the Southside Boosters. We can’t thank you enough.

The Ronald Eblen family drew the names for the bicycle winners. The winners of the four bicycles were Girard Child, Pingree Child, Sandquist children. Again, thank you so much. I’ll be keeping you informed in the paper from time to time what’s going on in Rainbow Park.

To the people who gave donations before the event, you are awesome. To the ladies who baked desserts everything was delicious, thanks.