June 20, 2021

LETTER: Support the Southern Prairie Family Fitness Center

From Jim Crawford, Creston

The citizens of Creston, in large part, are missing the best community center they could hope for. They fail to take advantage of the swimming pool, the walking track, the weight room, the cardio equipment, the exercise guided program instructions, the pickle ball games and the volleyball and racketball playing — plus the camaraderie of the many people that do use the center.

There are not enough users to financially support the center and if that lack of usage continues, it will surely have to close for lack of enough incoming funds to continue operation.

At 86 years of age, I personally use the center daily to keep my body able to move and out of the doctors’ offices. If we lose the center for lack of participation, our kids will not have a nice pool to enjoy during the winter, the basketball court, the other things for when it is raining out so other sources can’t be used, not to mention the wonderful programs for our very young to use and enjoy.

In my way of thinking, even if I grow too old to be involved in use of the center I will gladly make donations of time and/or money to keep such a useful operation open and in full use by the kids. This letter is intended to relay these facts because our center is operating at a loss every month. This, of course, cannot be allowed to continue.

Look into your hearts and contribute money or your attendance to assure or young have a way to stay off the streets. Thank you ... anything you can do to help our young and our old, indeed all ages, to have a center that has so many wonderful opportunities to try to hang on to our health and youth for as long as we can.