June 20, 2021

LETTER: Parking suggestion for Elm Street

From Jim Stalker, Creston

Regarding the article in the May 10 paper, Wayne Pantini proposed to the city council that in order to create safer traveling conditions for cyclists and pedestrians, the city needed to extend a bike path on West Townline from North Elm to North Cherry streets. He also suggested that no parking be allowed on the north and south sides of Townline from the school to the Casey’s store on Townline, as he sees a lot of traffic on that street.

I also live on Townline, but closer to the school. Behind my house, a trail is extended from the school to Division Street. There is no parking allowed on either side of Townline from the school to North Elm. Thus, the pedestrian problem is already solved from the school to North Division.

I would suggest that parking be allowed from the school to North Elm. The real problem is the traffic. It is high speed all the way from Cherry Street to the school. The problem might at least be slowed down if parking were allowed on both sides of the street. Townline is wide enough to allow parking on both sides, whereas streets like North Division and most streets in Creston are not, but are still allowed parking on both sides of those narrow streets.

As for the walking problem? The city should build a sidewalk, at the city’s expense, between Division Street and Casey’s. I would implore the city council and mayor to seriously look at this speeding problem on Townline and work toward resolving this problem. As for police slowing down the traffic, we appreciate their surveillance but they cannot be there all the time. Full time parking is a better idea and should be opened up for a safer drive on this street.