August 04, 2021

Letter: ‘Pre-existing conditions’

From Ron Dunphy, Creston

Time and precious resources come to mind upon awakening from sleep! What thought process begins as we turn on electronic devices or reach for print media? Will this consciousness tend towards self or community?

My wife and I are made aware daily of the needs of children be they our own great-grandchildren or the thousands of young people crossing over the southern border of these United States. How are the immigrants different? Our entire world is learning, slowly, how to survive for another day. Local, state and federal resources are available to a limited extent. Are these resources enough or who else finds sleep hard to attain when the sun sets?

For myself, my parents provided for my needs, or my local community did. Through education I was provided “help” in our home or a classroom or a church. Are multi-colored immigrants so given by churches, classrooms or even a family unit? Awaken friends, they are not. Some not even provided diapers — larger still loving arms.

How long before an immigrant knows of the group support of a school music band or a sport team? When might they know of scouting, 4-H, or ASP? Who will inform them of family reunions? Might they never attend a school reunion?

I was blessed to live in a close knit rural community; what will these immigrants find in their new neighborhoods? Love, employment, housing and kinship hopefully.

Frequently now I hear the expression “pre-existing conditions” as those conditions might apply to our collective physcial healthiness. I will suggest the condition applies to a mental condition of all U.S. citizens today.