February 24, 2021

LETTER: ‘Choose wisely, my friends’

From Dr. L.W. Hicks, Creston

Donald Trump is not president, the election was not stolen and Mike the Pillow Guy’s movie is simply a project designed to brainwash susceptible individuals and not provide any factual information.

We all need to accept those facts and try to move forward together, or we will probably descend to the level of a third world country, with our quality of life seriously altered and those crying fouls screaming the loudest for somebody to do something.

In Iowa, our educational system is being threatened in multiple ways via legislative changes and our present legislature is moving to take over the final decisions made by our state Supreme Court, thus implementing a two-branch system of government instead of three. All is well and good for the present party that is in control, but possibly not so good should a different party move into a position of power in the future.

We must move into the future together cautiously, but there are choices that must be made. Choose wisely, my friends.