August 04, 2021

LETTER: In response to ‘GOP politicians put Iowa’s future in peril’

From Evonne Jennett, Bedford

This letter is in response to columnist Steve Corbin’s column in Thursday, Feb. 11, 2021, Creston News Advertiser. The paragraph is quoted below:

“Iowans should never permit one party to control the Sentate, House and Governorship (i.e., 1997-1998, 2007-2010 and 2017-2022) or you get — like we’re witnessing — out-of-step and wacko politics-before-people laws.”

If Mr. Corbin’s rule is not a “one rule for me and one rule for thee,” and therefore fits all equally and alike (as it should), then the rule would not only apply to Iowa Republican politics as stated in the paragraph, but should then apply to Washington, D.C. and the present politics of a democratic president, House and Senate and would give us “out-of-step and wacko politics” in Washington, D.C.

Or does he only apply his rules to our Iowa political leadership? Hmm... just asking!