May 29, 2024

A culture of death

Mike Lang

In 1975 the movie “Logan’s Run” was released in which many people were living in an enclosed society within a large dome. The computer in charge of the operation decided that for the benefit of all, the residents were to be killed at the age of 30. Otherwise, the population would soon exceed the capacity of the dome to house and protect the citizens. A man named Logan decided to not participate in this program. Logan would not allow anyone else to determine when he was to die.

We see many similar ideas being promoted in the Western world today. One glaring example is the idea that abortion is labeled as “Health Care.” Fifty-one years ago, on Jan. 22, 1973, the United States Supreme Court issued the “Roe vs Wade” decision legalizing abortion. Since that decision, over 62 million abortions were performed in the United States. This has been the leading cause of death in the United States for over 50 years. Our society successfully characterized this procedure as “health care.” It seems incredible that every time this health care procedure was successfully performed, one of the two people being cared for died.

Abortion can be likened to the camel’s nose. The old story goes like this: “At first the camel just pokes his nose inside the tent. The camel persists and before you know it, the entire camel is inside the tent.

The practice of abortion as a form of population control soon leads to the practice of euthanasia as a form of population control. This is almost straight out of the movie. Euthanasia occurs when someone (either the affected person, or well-meaning physicians or family members) decide that the persons “quality of life” is so poor that it is best if we allow, or even assist, the person to die. Run, Logan, run!

We need look no further than our neighbor to the north, Canada, for an example of how euthanasia works. In 2016, Canada passed a law, known as: MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying). Originally meant only for those who suffered from terminal illness, in 2021 the law was expanded. Now most Canadians are able to legally seek euthanasia. This is now the sixth most common cause of death in Canada. The Canadian camel is inside the tent.

In another western nation, the Netherlands, assisted suicide and euthanasia are legal means of death. In the year 2021 this accounted for 4.5 % of all deaths. There are no pre-conditions of life-threatening conditions required. Citizens of the Netherlands just have to request this health care and it is granted.

In the United Kingdom there is a movement called “Campaign for Dignity in Dying.” This would operate very much like the programs in Canada and the Netherlands. It is reported that as many as 75 % of the people in the United Kingdom are in favor of this program. Run, Logan, run!

Across the English Chanel, we note the recent action by the French Parliament in Versailles. The French constitution has been revised to include the “right” to abort unborn French babies. This has caused much celebration throughout France. The culture of death has been codified in the nation of France. Now, no unborn child has any constitutional protection. Much like Logan, the child can only live by permission. Run, Logan, Run!

Lest we think that this culture of death is only a modern concept, we look to the Bible for an account of the practices of the ancient Philistines. They worshipped a “god” they called Baal. One of the characteristics of Baal was that he required child sacrifice. Instead of being repelled by this, the Old Testament tells us the ancient Israelites adopted this practice. That did not turn out well for the Israelites.

Here in Creston, we have a wonderful resource for those who are struggling with the decision of whether or not to abort a baby. It is the “Life Care Clinic.” It is located, ironically, in the old Planned Parenthood Clinic building just southeast of Walmart. Run, Logan, run!

Among the many ills of our modern society, we find the lack of respect for human life very difficult to understand. Run, Logan, run!

Mike Lang, Chairman, Union County Republican Central Committee