June 16, 2024

Put American people first

In Other Words

Just once, I wish far-right Republicans would put the American people first. For at least this one time, I wish they could find it within themselves to put the good of the country before the good of Donald Trump. It’s disgusting how they always worry more about what Trump wants, than what’s best for the American people.

For years now, the House freedom caucus has complained incessantly about the immigration problems at the southern border. They’ve blamed the Biden Administration, and in particular, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, even while he’s been participating in bipartisan negotiations to craft an immigration bill. Instead of trying to solve the immigration problem, House MAGA extremists are trying to impeach Mayorkas. They have no impeachable offenses - only policy differences, and the Senate will not convict him.

Thousands of migrants arriving at the border every day is an enormous problem and legislation is needed to deal with it. But hard-liners in the House are intent on impeaching Mayorkas and, now, they are going all out to kill a far-reaching Senate immigration bill before they’ve even read it.

The Senate bill was developed by a bipartisan group led by Chairmen, Sen. James Lankford, one of the most conservative Republicans in the Senate, and Sen. Chris Murphy, a liberal Democrat. They have written one of the most conservative, far-reaching pieces of legislation ever developed for immigration. It is the comprehensive bill both parties have wanted for decades. And President Biden, despite several conservative measures in the bill, vows to sign it if it comes to his desk.

This bill is even more important because it’s tied to funding for Ukraine and Israel. It’s the first good deal to get something done on immigration and it provides money for Ukraine’s desperate fight to survive Russia’s invasion. Ukraine needed the money yesterday.

But guess what? House Speaker Mike Johnson has declared the bill “a non-starter.” And guess why? His master, Donald Trump, doesn’t want the bill passed because he doesn’t want Biden to “have the win.”

Everyone should want the American people to have the win, but this is yet another example of Trump thinking only of himself.

At least this time, his motivation is obvious. He doesn’t even try to hide his panic that this critical issue for campaigning against Biden might be eluding him. He’s already lost abortion rights and gun control issues. And the other key issue, “the poor economy,” is also evaporating. With consumer satisfaction up, inflation coming down, 3.7 % unemployment, 353,000 new jobs in January, and a soaring stock market, Trump doesn’t have much to complain about.

He’s trying to take credit for the strong stock market by claiming its rise is due to investors anticipating he’ll be elected in November. Sure, Donald.

It’s MAGA Republicans in Congress who aren’t being honest. They’ve complained about the southern border for three years; now they’re saying they won’t support the comprehensive bill developed in the Senate. And time is running out for Ukraine as the House plays games.

Although they deny it, it’s because MAGA Republicans, House and Senate, don’t want to go against Trump. I swear they would throw themselves under a real bus if he told them to do so. They continue to bow down to this flawed human being who has no loyalty to anyone but himself.

Their fealty to Trump is not only mystifying, it’s scary. How far will they go? How much of their souls are they willing to sacrifice to stay in his good graces? And why on earth do they want to stay in his good graces? To continue to follow someone so unfit, so damaging to the presidency and the nation, almost guarantees another Republican loss in November.

Now that a comprehensive bill is written, hopefully it will pass in the Senate and move on to the House. House rules, however, do not permit legislators to work on a bill unless the Speaker allows it. There won’t be a bill unless Johnson stands up to Trump, and chaos at the border will continue

If the bill is brought to the floor of the House, it’s certain a bipartisan group of moderate Republicans and Democrats would pass it overwhelmingly. Somehow, Speaker Johnson must be convinced to put the country before Trump.