December 09, 2023

May Panther Pitch

Deron Stender

Creston Superintendent

If you are like me, you have experienced the effects of the labor market in your daily lives. If you are like me, you’re asking yourself, what happened to the workforce? While I do not have the answers and can offer personal and professional speculation, that will not help solve the problem.

Our schools are significantly impacted by the available workforce and it is impacting our children, their education, and the services they receive. The school board and administration work progressively to attract and retain staff to provide quality educational services without disruption.

Despite our best efforts, we struggle to hire enough staff to consistently keep our buses rolling, serve breakfast and lunch, provide routine support, maintain our facilities, and provide licensed instruction. What does this mean? It means the district is working through many options to keep our schools functioning and there may be times when routines will be disrupted causing a change in plans as we adjust. We will do all that we can to keep you informed and appreciate your patience and flexibility as we grapple with the challenges of staffing the needed positions.

Hopefully, you can help, if you know someone who enjoys working with children, please point them to our schools, specifically, the district website where they can complete an application for employment. The district offers a friendly work environment, competitive pay and a state pension. We understand the state’s online application can be frustrating so please do not hesitate to ask for assistance if you experience difficulty by contacting the district office. The district is seeking the following positions:

Transportation Drivers, Transportation Director; Food Service, Cooks, Kitchen Manager; Buildings and Grounds, Custodians; Support Services, Paraprofessionals, Instructional Services, Early Childhood teachers, Elementary teachers, Math teachers, Special Education teachers, Chemistry/physics teacher, Substitutes for all classifications

Our schools are the pride of our community and our team is committed to our children, their growth, achievement, and success. It takes all of us to raise and support a child. Thank you for supporting our schools and making them the pride of our communities.