January 19, 2021

Letter: ‘A very unusual morning’

From Ron Dunphy, Creston

A very unusual morning signaled by the lack of incoming email. Common to my incoming mailbox is 40 to 50 pieces of messages and advertising. This morning there is 2.

Like those not attempting to communicate (?) I am upset over what happened at the Capital yesterday afternoon. Encouraged by Trump, seditionists stormed the Capital grounds and attempted to prohibit the congregational approval of and voting to approve of the States’ electoral vote. The Washington Post got it right; Democracy Dies in Darkness.

Listening to Senators as they cast their vote was informative and will be recalled in future election run-ups. Mike Bennet and Ben Sasse rose to the occasion and spoke well to accept their state’s conclusions on the electoral vote. Unimpressive if not disgusting was Georgia’s representation by Loeffler. Josh Hawley should be impeached for the “leadership” he exhibited for his purported representation of Missouri. The raising of his fist to encourage the revolt which was happening was utterly disgusting.

Michael Beschloss provided a worrisome reflection on the whole process as it unfolded this morning.

It is my opinion Trump should be removed from office IMMEDIATELY; Silence is not the answer to our dilemma.