July 18, 2024

Boyd K. Griffith

Franklin, Tennessee

Boyd Kenneth Griffith, 79, of Franklin, Tennessee, formerly of Creston, went to be with God on Sunday, April 23, 2023, in Franklin. He battled kidney failure and dementia and went peacefully after a long hard journey. Both of his children, their spouses and their mom were able to spend some sweet time with him during his last few days, they only wish he could have had one more visit with his loving sister, Marilyn Doolittle, who cared for him so well.

Boyd lived a life of adventure, leaving his hometown of Creston for college in Ohio where he graduated with a degree in music. After college, he continued his love of music by working for several churches. Somehow during this time he managed to buy and completely wear out a brand new 1969 sky blue Camaro - oh how his kids would love to have that!

From there he married Kathy Johnson and moved to a tiny island in the Caribbean, called Bonaire. Their children were both born there and still dream of the clear waters they could jump in from their backyard.

The adventures continued throughout their childhood in Virginia, Norway, The Netherlands, California, Florida, North Carolina and Colorado as he worked for various missions organizations. Even in his latter years he still loved traveling, taking mission trips to Greece and Mexico — loving people and God everywhere he went. His children moved him to Tennessee, where they both live, after he lived for a few years back in Creston, when his health started declining. Living close by, he got to know and enjoy his seven grandsons.

His talent for music was a thread throughout his entire life. It was one he shared with any group he came to be a part of, even playing the piano for friends in his assisted living community over the last month. In the spirit of his adventure he went horseback riding with his children on his 70th birthday.

His children will keep his spirit alive by continuing the travel adventures in their own families, remembering how he always found a way to make trips more exciting.

There was a small family gathering to honor Boyd’s life in Franklin.