May 15, 2021

Rep. Moore casts vote to give extra funding to schools for COVID costs

DES MOINES (AP) – On Thursday Feb. 18, Representative Tom Moore (R-Griswold) of House District 21 voted in support of House File 532 to give more than $27 million in extra funds to schools to help cover COVID costs. HF 532 will divvy up $27 million in COVID relief funds to schools based on the amount of days they spent in-person this fall.

This bill was crafted with the understanding that schools incurred increased costs for in-person learning during the pandemic such as PPE, cleaning supplies and more substitute teachers.

“Studies have made clear that having our kids in school is the best learning environment for majority of students in Iowa,” said Moore. “Many school districts worked hard to provide that in-person option for their students this fall and sustained increased costs in the process. This money will help provide relief for those extra costs.”

HF 532 passed the Iowa House with a bipartisan vote of 71-26.