July 18, 2024

East Union discusses pricing changes to activities

Emmit Long of East Union (3) breaks a tackle against Griswold Friday night. Long rushed for 130 yards and four touchdowns and also returned a kickoff for a touchdown in the Eagles' 57-12 homecoming victory.

AFTON - Small, routine increases to activity passes might be the first step in raising prices to student activities.

During an East Union school board meeting on Monday, the board approved raising activity pass prices for students and families, with student passes rising by $5 and family passes rising by $25. This would leave the two prices as $60 for individual students and family passes at $250.

Activity pass prices have been routinely raised at least once every two years in the district. Activity passes were raised from $45 to $55 in 2022 and family passes raised in the same year from $180 to $225.

These increases were one part of the meeting’s agenda, with a second part dedicated to potential price raise to gate prices. A proposed change would increase gate fees to $7 per adult (from $5) for high school activities (students would have kept their $5 fee). For junior high activities, students would see an increase from $3 to $5 (adults have a $5 fee).

This second part was not approved by the board, citing a desire to keep prices low for gate fees. Student access to activities were the biggest concern, with the board wanting to keep the student prices as low as possible to encourage student participation and social activity.

These new prices come after discussions related to hiring officials for sports events, which can sometimes come at a loss for the school. Officials for junior high games were a strain for the district, as junior high games are typically the least profitable for the school.

The gate fees discussion was tabled for a future meeting. Activity passes will see their prices raise for the 2024-25 year. The adult punch pass, which gives ten visits per pass, will also see a price increase for the 2024-25 year from $45 to $50.

In other East Union school board news...

A replacement for Bill Meiners as secondary principal was approved in curriculum director Jason Riley. He will serve as interim principal for the 2024-25 year, with the district opening the position with plans to interview in January and February.

Superintendent Tim Kuehl gave an update on the Infant Toddler Center, which has been under construction following the district’s acquisition of the former Afton Care Center. The construction on the Infant Toddler Center is moving on schedule, with a slated November opening still on track. An issue in the plumbing of the building stalled progress, but is now fixed.

A furniture package was approved for furnishing a new classroom. A teacher’s desk and chair alongside 25 desks and chairs for the room will cost the school almost $10,000.

Transportation received a host of routine board approvals. First, the board approved the disposal of an old pickup truck used for snow plowing. The district had purchased a new vehicle and will be purchasing a plow for the vehicle sometime in the future.

The board also approved all vehicles to a new schedule of vehicle washing. Every vehicle will be washed biweekly, with $20 per car and $60 per bus. This will cost the school about $14,000 dollars annually. Bus drivers were approved a 24-25 trip rate for the regular bus route at $62.15 per trip.

For bus routes on Monday, the day that East Union will be discarding in the four-day schedule calendar for the 2024-25 year, the board approved offering transportation to school activities. The board made an effort to allow this service to be available for students outside the city of Afton, prioritizing them over those who will have easier access to the school within the city.

Nick Pauly

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