July 18, 2024

New livestock permits arrive in Afton

Afton approved new regulations regarding the city's livestock permits in a city council meeting on Tuesday.

AFTON - A new $25 fee will be headed to Afton residents with livestock permits.

Following four discussions during monthly city council meetings, the city of Afton has revised their livestock permits, requiring new livestock permits to be renewed annually with a $25 yearly fee. This decision goes into effect July 1.

The new permits last for one year, a change alongside the new fee. These new regulations will help keep updated records on livestock in Afton with up-to-date information.

Discussions for revisions to the livestock permits were made in March after residents were sent new forms for livestock permits. These new permits were sent to update city records with additional information about the livestock in town.

As additional meetings occurred, the council reviewed neighboring towns’ policies, trying to decide limits and renewal fees. A concern for the board was how an overabundance of livestock in a small space could lead to poor treatment for the animals, such as cows subjected to cramped spaces and lawns being unsuitable for grazing.

A frequent comparison was made during council discussions between livestock fees and pet fees, with pet licenses requiring a fee per animal. A fee per animal was considered unreasonable by the council, as livestock could help provide goods for the family who owns them.

Permits made within a year before July 1, 2024 will be grandfathered into the new system, although they will eventually have to be reapproved following a year after their initial approval. Any permit made earlier than July 1, 2023 will not be grandfathered in, and will need a new permit.

Bees were not classified as livestock in Afton, with the council declaring during the meeting residents in the city of Afton would be free to keep bees, with any misconduct classifying as a public nuisance.

All livestock permits would still need to be reviewed and approved based on the council’s discretion.

Sheryl Parham, a member of the city council, was absent from Tuesday’s council meeting. She had a livestock permit approved by the council in April. The board predicted, were she at the meeting, she would have abstained from the vote because of her connection with the process.

In other Afton city council news...

The council accepted the resignation of Roxanne Walter, who served as the utility clerk for the city of Afton since 2011. She will continue working in city hall until September 27, training her successor to the position.

In a letter sent to the city council and mayor, Walter was grateful for being able to work part-time hours while raising her children. “I am going to miss most of the job duties, people and of course my co-workers,” she wrote. “As I tell people, you can take me out of Afton, but you can’t take Afton out of me.”

Two additional resignations on the rec board were also accepted. Robert Dike and Erik Niggemeyer will be leaving their positions. Afton’s rec board organizes local sports for young kids (Pre-K through sixth grade), including baseball and softball in the summer, football and soccer in the fall and basketball in the winter.

Four liquor licenses were approved. Casey’s General Store received a renewal of their Class E Retail license. For the Union County Fair week, the fair was given a liquor license as well. El Ranchito, one of the sponsors for the Kansas Street Dance on June 29, received a liquor license for the day.

Getting Slushed, a business which sells alcoholic drinks in a slushed drink, has been approved for their appearances in two Tuesday Night in the Park events. The business will be selling their slushed drink during two adult nights on June 18 and August 6.

Updates to the exterior beautification grant application were also approved. A grant of $500 will be given to approved applicants who wish to renovate their property. Funds will be given following a review of photos by the board.

Nick Pauly

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