June 16, 2024

Assessors acquiring property damage information

A house on West Prairie Street was damaged by a fallen beam from Homestead.

Union County Assessor Mindy Schaefer reminds those who had property damage to report the damage to their county assessor to determine the tax status, and future tax status, of the property.

Multiple Union County properties sustained varying degrees of damage, including total loss, during storms on Friday, April 26. More than 200 properties in Greenfield and rural Adair County were damaged or destroyed by a tornado on May 21. Other area counties also had property damage in those storms and others. The condition of the house and possible plans for the future of the property are important to assessors for taxing purposes.

“Call your assessor if your are not going to rebuild or have significant damage that will not be repaired this calendar year,” Schaefer said. “Or call if you have any questions.”

Schaefer said property owners pay taxes in arrears, meaning the amount paid for the previous 18 months. She said the values are set each January. If a property has damage and is expected to be returned to its condition before the storm this calendar year, there will be no change in value. Schaefer said properties that are damaged but not expected to be repaired to pre-storm condition before the end of the year will be reviewed and adjusted based on condition. Destroyed properties will have the value removed in January 2025.

Owners who plan to rebuild will have their tax value determined based on a percentage that is complete as of January 2025.

Property owners do have an appeal process to question the amounts. Property owners can self report their damage online. Go to https://beacon.schneidercorp.com and determine the owner of the property. When the property has been chosen, select data correction form, complete and submit.

In Union County news...

Board of Supervisors approved the canvass of the June 4 primary election. Supervisor incumbents Dennis Brown and Rick Friday won their respective seats over two other candidates. It was the only contested race within the county. Of the 8,341 registered voters 1,287 ballots were cast for a 15% turnout.

Secondary Roads Superintendent Al Hysell said pipe work on 110th Street will require Coon Valley Telephone lines to be moved which may disrupt service. The work is scheduled today.

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