April 17, 2024

Fire department asks for cooperation

Creston Fire Department works a grass fire that got out of control at about noon Sunday south of Creston on Pole Road. With very dry conditions and steady wind from the north, what started as a half-acre grew rapidly through the corn stubble and grass waterways burning nearly 50 acres before being contained. Mutual aid from Afton and Lenox was called but Lenox was not needed.

Those conducting or planning any controlled burns in the county, contact the Union County Sheriff’s Office before ignition and let them know location and objectives of the burn, the number of planned acres and any known potential hazards.

Creston Fire also has a few recommendations for everyone who is planning a controlled burn this season. Monitor the weather conditions before ignition including wind direction and speed, relative humidity and temperature. Determine if weather patterns may shift throughout the burn and plan accordingly.

The National Weather Service (www.weather.gov) can be a helpful resource. Have fire breaks in place before ignition. The best fire breaks go down to bare dirt. Have hand tools, manpower and water on hand to maintain control of the fire. This spring will be especially dry, and we hope those conducting controlled fires take extra steps to protect themselves and the areas surrounding their intended burn units.