July 19, 2024

Creston City Council to change

Creston City Council will have a new mayor and a new member based on Tuesday’s unofficial election results. Voters went to the polls for city and school board members.

Waylon Clayton will replace Gabe Carroll as mayor as Clayton received 606 votes to Carroll’s 590. Carroll was mayor for one term.

In Creston Council seat ward 4 Martin Graham wins with 61 votes, one more than candidate Sarah Scull with 60. Incumbent Brendalee Lyell Keate finished with 30.

Incumbent Kiki Scarberry keeps her at-large council seat with 612 votes over contestant Jordan Nelson with 588.

According to election results, 1,604 ballots were cast creating a 19% turnout. Union County Board of Supervisors are expected to canvass the election Monday.

Josh Thompson was the only candidate for Ward 2 council and the incumbent. He got 33 votes. Katie Turner is the only candidate for Creston’s park and recreation board and finished with 466 votes.

For Creston’s school board, the only two candidates for the two seats were the incumbents; Brad James, 1,039 votes, and Don Gee with 711.

There were no contested races for the five Southwestern Community College Board seats. All running were incumbents, Tony Cass, Carol Saxton and Fred Shearer.

Cass is from District 8, Creston, and had 847 votes. Saxton is from District 4, Leon and had 1 vote. Fred Shearer is District 2 and had 1 vote.

Amy Mobley was appointed to finish Vicki Sickels’ term, which also expired with this election. Mobley is from District 7, Maloy. Sue Stearns was appointed to Jerry Smith’s position which also expires this year. Stearns is from District 3, Osceola. Vote totals are only from Union County.

Other Union County towns and schools:

Cromwell: The five candidates who won council seats are Jacob McGehee, 29 votes; Robert Hepp, 29; Judy Hopkins, 29, Amy Angell, 26 and Robert Marquart, 28.

Afton: Michelle Burger ran for mayor and got 64 votes. The three council member candidates for the three seats were Sheryl Parham (39), Steven Dwayne Kinyon (69) and David A. Cunningham had 53 votes.

Arispe: Roger Cheers was the only candidate for mayor and had 26 votes. Council member candidates are Rodney Meinke with 21 and Sandy Fry with 26 votes. They were the only two candidates for the two seats. Council member candidates to fill a vacancy are Kathern Groves, who won with 24. Tom Hansen had 21.

Lorimor: Dustin Ross’ 35 votes and Joshua McElroy’s 34 votes gave them the seats. Other candidates were Suzzie Weibel had 24 votes, and Jack Kilpatrick had 22 votes.

Thayer: Cory Mitchell ran for mayor and had 6 votes. Council member candidates winning the five seats were Bridget Hoskey, 5 votes; Les Vanderpluym, 6; Deana Welcher, 6; Karen Mitchell, 6, and Lacy Catalano, 6. All are incumbents.

Shannon City: There were no candidates for the two council member seats. There were 7 write-in votes. Names were not available.

East Union school: District 4 winner is Sam McKnight with 24 votes. Zachary Clear had 21 and Kristina Dike finished with 13.

Carol Eckles is the lone district 2 candidate. There were no candidates for district 3. There were 14 write-in votes. Names were not available.

Jamie Buffington was the only candidate for district 5 to fill a vacancy. Buffington finished with 66 votes. Adam Tallmon was the only candidate for district 1 to fill a vacancy and had 49 votes.

John Van Nostrand


An Iowa native, John's newspaper career has mostly been in small-town weeklies from the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River. He first stint in Creston was from 2002 to 2005.