June 16, 2024

SWCC Spring Dean’s and President’s List

Southwestern Community College

The following students from the local area are among the students named to the spring 2023 semester Dean’s and President’s lists at Southwestern Community College. To be on the President’s List, a full-time student must obtain a 3.5 grade point average or above during a semester. To be on the Dean’s List, a full-time student must obtain at least a 3.0 grade point average. There were 216 students named to the President’s list and 134 students named to the Dean’s list.

President’s List

Creston: Cody Anderson, Marcey Bailey, Braelyn Baker, Brance Baker, Josie Bolton, Haylee Brown, Caitlin Bruce, Stephanie Buchanan, Aleah Calvin, Juan Castorena, Dillen Cloyd, Harlee Flynn, Haylee Gillam, Katherine Graham, Maria Groumoutis, Conner Hammons, Abbygail Harris, Paige Hise, Jalyn Klejch, Zhenlin Li, Hallie Orr, Justin Parsons, Thomas Patterson, Caylee Pettit, Brittany Seals, Tyson Stuart, George Weis, Nathaniel Wells, Chase Werner, Riley Wipperman,

Thayer: Ryleigh Kelley, Mallory Raney

Orient: Wiley Ray, Shelbee Woosley

Kent: Brayton Chesnut

Shannon City: Audrey Young

Dean’s List

Creston: Kane Bowers, Exodus Bruce, Jenna Busch, Ashton Carter, Ethan Dix, Kiven Elice, Aiden Evans, Jacob Goodson, Kevin Harden, Xander Harmening, Sheilah Kiprop, Hosea Kirwa, Brooklyn Knight, Nevaeh Kuhlman, Nathaniel Kulp, Adam Libby, Lucas Lynch, Elaina Mick, Peyton Rice, Keagan Smith, Brandon Stull, Jeanise Tabit, Justina Terlizzi, Caleb Walden, Hollie Washburn, Taran Westby, Lilita Woody

Cromwell: Cael Kralik

Thayer: Emmaline Mitchell

Kent: Lillie Wyant

Shannon City: Cale Eklund