October 01, 2023

Celebrating Creston retirees

On Friday, May 26, the Creston School District celebrated those staff members their Years-of-Service Recipients and those who were retiring. The ceremony was held in the Creston High School auditorium, with refreshments after sponsored by Hartsock Insurance. Seven school district employees were honored upon their retirement.

Janelle Luther

Janelle Luther has been in education for the last 39 years. The last 10 being in Creston, Luther has worked in language arts in Creston Middle School and, as of retirement, as a Title Reading teacher for the elementary students.

Luther said she experienced a lot of special moments, especially when she is able to talk to former students and see them happy and successful.

Luther has no specific retirement plans. Possibilities include traveling and a part-time job.

Joan Lienemann

Joan Lienemann has been teaching for the past 34 years, the first eight in Nebraska while the rest in Creston. Working as a middle school teacher, Lienemann said she has loved watching her students grow.

“I enjoy working with students and watching them grow as individuals to better themselves in school and life,” Lienemann said. “I have taught many students over the years and they become ‘your kids.’”

Along with her students, Lienemann said that she has worked with a number of great teachers over the years and has built “many amazing friendships.”

After her retirement, Joan will be getting married and moving to Mount Ayr. She said that she is excited to enjoy the next chapter of her life.

Michele Thatcher

Michele Thatcher has been in education for the past 36 years. Thatcher grew up in Creston and spent 25 of her working years in the Creston School District. Her position upon retirement is as an instructional coach at the high school.

Thatcher shared multiple positive moments from her teaching career.

“The interactions with students and watching them grow from their freshman year to graduation is awesome,” Thatcher said. “Sponsoring student government and the junior class gave me the opportunity to be with students that I didn’t have in my classes. Working with colleagues has been very rewarding to see what they do in their classrooms to inspire students to learn. Another positive is what I have learned from other teachers and administration. I have enjoyed being on many different committees in my years at Creston schools, hoping my input has made a difference in some way.”

While she doesn’t have any specific plans after her retirement, Thatcher is excited that she will get to simply enjoy the summer instead of preparing classrooms or agendas.

Cindy Moss

Cindy Moss has been working in education for 29 years, her first 12 years at the Orient-Macksburg schools before moving to Creston. At the time of her retirement, she was working as a paraprofessional in the Creston School District. One moment in her work that really stood out was her work in speech therapy.

“After several years of speech therapy and teaching a student letters and words, he was able to read aloud,” Moss said. “This was something many people thought he would never be able to do.”

Upon retirement, Moss plans to help her husband in their farming operation.

Angie McIntosh

Angie McIntosh has been working as the Administrative Assistant and in Accounts Payable for the Creston School District for four years. Her favorite part of her job has been “working with nice people.”

As she retires, McIntosh is looking forward to traveling and spending more time with her grandchildren.

Bill Mullin

Bill Mullin is retiring as an industrial technology instructor after 18 years in the Creston School District. Mullin said he has enjoyed many parts of his job over the years, but one thing stands out.

“I’ve had one student who took a class from me all four years of high school,” Mullin said. “This student is pursuing a degree in drafting technology, which is how I started my career.”

For Mullin, retirement means the ability to travel more and finish some of his projects at home.

Pat Moeller

Pat Moeller has worked at the Creston School District Central Office in human resources and as a bookkeeper for 37 years. Throughout the years, she said that a single moment didn’t stand out, but that she loved her office.

“It’s really a great feeling when I’m able to help a staff member,” Moeller said. “We have the most awesome employees and I love working at the central office.”

Upon retirement, Moeller will be enjoying downtown with her husband. She looks forward to a kayaking trip with friends this summer, and to a retirement full of golfing, travel, fishing and biking.

Erin Henze

Originally from Wisconsin, Erin is a recent graduate from UW-Stevens Point. Outside of writing, she loves to read and travel.