December 09, 2023

Baseball concessions changes

Creston High School Activities Director and Assistant Principal Scott Driskell shared some possible ideas for a baseball concessions update during the Creston School Board Meeting on Monday.

“If you’ve been to a baseball game lately, you’ve probably seen our concession stand there is not in great shape,” Driskell said. “It’s been pretty run down for a while now. The school is partnering with our booster club again and looking at the south end of the outdoor restrooms out there.”

Driskell explained these restrooms were bigger than necessary and therefore part of the restrooms had been partitioned off, being used as storage instead.

“We started brainstorming about the feasibility of using that as a baseball concession stand and working with the booster club,” Driskell said. “We feel like we’ve got a really solid plan in place to update that south end and make it a nicer and much more usable, user-friendly concession stand.”

The old concession stand will likely be turned into storage space, with changes made to the new concession stand by May.

“We plan to have that completed prior to the first baseball game at the end of May,” Driskell said. “The booster club has worked with several local entities who are being very gracious with their time and donating labor, so it should save us quite a bit of money as we go through the project.”

In addition to the baseball concession stand, Driskell gave an update on the numbers for some of the high school spring sports.

“In track, we’re almost 22 boys and 18 girls,” Driskell said. “We lost a few.”

Driskell explained that, while there are less boys out for track this year than last year, overall athletics numbers are up.

There’s good news and bad news,” Driskell said. “We lost a few boys from last year. We were almost 30. But the good news is those boys are doing something else. It’s not as if they are just done with spring activities. Soccer is up over 35, so several of those young men went over and are trying soccer, and a couple of them are trying tennis. We didn’t lose them, it just kind of shifted a little bit.”

In terms of the younger students, Creston Elementary Principal Casey Tanner shared his thoughts on the field trip program.

“Field trips have been kind of a topic of conversation over the past couple of years,” Tanners said. “Right now the district sponsors a kindergarten trip to the zoo and a fourth grade trip to the capitol. We’ve tried to be consistent in finding ways that we can give our kids some opportunities in town, in district, to tour and experience some of the learning opportunities we would have locally.”

In other school board news...

The board moved to approve seven actions:

A contract with Playcore Wisconsin, Inc. regarding the construction of the EMS playground equipment and surfacing;

A contract with C&J Conservation regarding the demolition, earthwork and concrete curbing related to the playground equipment;

A contract amendment of $15,000 for DLR group for the design, bidding and construction phase service related to the playground equipment;

The purchasing of a skid steer from Case for $54,500 in order to replace the current 20-plus year old one;

The purchasing of a mower from Service Tech for $8,207.79;

Revising the 2022-2023 calendar to not extend student days and for flexible and hybrid collaboration for licensed staff;

The 2023-2024 district health insurance with ISEBA.

A fiscal year 2024 budget hearing is scheduled for 6 p.m. on April 10.

Erin Henze

Originally from Wisconsin, Erin is a recent graduate from UW-Stevens Point. Outside of writing, she loves to read and travel.