June 25, 2022

Deputies respond to Lorimor kidnapping incident

A West Des Moines man is facing charges from a violent domestic incident Monday in Lorimor. Union County deputies Dillon Hightshoe and Ryan Maitlen responded to a 911 call from the residence.

According to Sheriff Mark Shepherd, there were two adult females and an infant in the residence when Cody Corfits, 24, of West Des Moines broke in through a window. Corfits had previously resided there before a March 16 incident that resulted in a protective order.

Corfits broke in intending to stay at the residence. He was unaware of the second female being there. Shepherd said Corfits threatened to hurt the victim if she called police. He grabbed her and choked her while she held the infant. “There was definite bruising and abrasions,” Shepherd commented.

Corfits proceeded to throw the victim against the wall, striking the child’s head. Whether the strike occurred from the wall or from Corfits is unclear. “The child did have a small bruise or mark on his head,” Shepherd confirmed. The second female, hidden, called the police who Corfits was unaware.

When deputies arrived on scene, the victim was able to run outside with the infant. They quickly moved her a few houses down.

“He was yelling he had a knife,” Shepherd said. “He said he wasn’t coming out.” After a few minutes, he agreed to leave the knife and come outside. The other female in the residence came out after he was detained.

Corfits was charged with kidnapping third degree; domestic abuse assault with strangulation causing injury; child endangerment causing injury and violation of no contact/protective order.