October 22, 2021

Third annual Sk84awareness skate competition Saturday

The third annual Sk84awareness skateboarding competition will be 2 p.m. Saturday at McKinley Park. Organizer Dakota Williams said the competition is designed to bring awareness to suicide and mental health issues.

“One of my friends committed suicide, killed himself five years ago and we just want to show the community and people that have mental health problems that they’re not alone, that they can reach out to people, go talk to somebody even if it’s a stranger, that no matter what, somebody else is going to know what they’re going through,” Williams said.

Sk84areness began three years ago and features more than just skateboarding.

“We have a state competition that goes on and then this year we’re going to be having small little kid activities that they can win prizes from,” Williams said.

Williams said the activities will be a chance for participants to win a variety of prizes.

“We’re gonna have sunglasses, little hackeysacks and various other things,” she said.

Sign-ups for the skateboarding competition will begin 1 p.m. Any donations will go to the suicide hotline and other support groups.