August 04, 2021

Water quantity at normal levels

Despite the dry summer, Creston Water Works General Manager Steve Guthrie’s report stated 12 Mile Lake was 3 inches above and 3 Mile Lake was 2 inches below pool level, or normal conditions.

“Both levels are normal for this time of year,” he provided in his report for the Creston Water Works Board meeting July 13. Measurements were based on July 6.

Guthrie said water treatment chemical costs are increasing from 5 to 15 percent. In June, Creston Water Works averaged 4.2 million gallons per day up about 500,000 from May. The June 2021 amount is 154,000 gallons less than June 2020. The maximum amount used in a day in June was 5.8 million.

Southern Iowa Rural Water Association used 110,406,000 gallons in June, an increase of 29 million gallons from May. The June amount is a decrease of 118,000 gallons from June 2020.

Guthrie said Southern Iowa Rural Water Association plans to bid for its new water treatment plant July 29. He said the design plans were still under review by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Creston Water Works has had claims of customers not receiving their bill through the mail in a timely manner. Creston Water Works does have alternatives for customers to receive and pay their bill.


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