September 19, 2021

LETTER: Rebuttal to Sen. Ernst’s column in the June 30 CNA

From Warren Woods, Creston

She rails against Federalization of elections: This proposal by the Democrats is for the sole purpose of making sure that everyone who is eligible to vote has a place at the ballot box.

She says that this “Forcing Iowans to pay for political campaigns”: A proposal to publicly fund elections. There is widespread approval of public funding measures but when your (Senator Ernst’s) major donors are wealthy individuals and PACs, you are beholden to them to vote to their liking. Public funding would be best for everyone and help to create some turnover in our elected officials. I believe this would be better than term limits although a combination of the two would be welcome.

Federal workaround of state voter ID laws: This would ensure that everyone can vote in Federal Elections.

For most voters It is not difficult to receive an ID in Iowa, but it is still an unnecessary step in the voting process. This law has created problems for some and was an answer in search of a problem.

Her blatantly biased column should be about what she is doing to help Iowans vote and not about what she is blocking that would help Iowan’s vote.