May 15, 2021

Library board bans vape use on premises

The Gibson Memorial Library Board unanimously approved a policy Monday to prohibit the distribution and use of any tobacco products at the library. The board was influenced to make the ruling by a complaint from people who use the library. Included in the policy are vapes and e-cigarettes. Library employees are not exempt from the ruling.

Fierce winds knocked over a tree on library property Saturday. The City of Creston removed the tree Monday.

Board member Vidette Dixon-Borgman raised her concerns about the speed of library computers, claiming she was the only board member who’s used them. “You need to know how slow these are!” she said. “When someone’s computer breaks down, they come to the library.”

The board also discussed a construction project bid from Berry Bros Masonry to fix the patio for $16,620. Library director Aric Bishop said he won’t write a grant because the project lacks eligibility for matching funds. But another board member said the project is potentially eligible for a grant through the Americans with Disabilities Act.