May 15, 2021

Greenfield City Council hears street close-out update, approves contracts for sponsored project

Greenfield City Council met 6:30 p.m. April 20 to discuss the upcoming street project close-out, approve contracts for the Greenfield sponsored project, police equipment and subdivision parcels.

Street close-out project

Lenny Larson, of ISG, updated the city council about repair projects on Iowa and Southwest Mills streets.

“Iowa for the most part looks good except there’s touch upgrading that needs to be done on the back side of the curb and then after they complete that, they’ll have to re-seed those areas,” Larson said. “So we are going to have them come fill in the areas that have settled over the winter time.”

Larson also said that there are abandoned electrical wires that a contractor will cut below-grade.

Regarding SW Mills Street, Larson said there are issues with NW 2nd Street, particularly the entrance to The Home Store. Larson faced difficulties repairing this space given its elevation.

“We did repair some of it, but its still not flowing as much,” he said, “we knew there was going to be a little puddle there just because of how it comes in from the highway; with elevations, we were kind of constrained there and then it’s so flat up in that area.”

Larson recommended putting in surface intake in the low spot and put in eight-inch tile to get rid of the standing water. Without citing an estimate, he said it would be costly, and with that information, he left that decision up to the city council.

“Not saying that’s what has to be done, but that would be the easiest way of doing it.” Larson said.

Larson added that cost can be reduced by hiring local contractors rather than Godbersen-Smith Construction, who previously worked on the project before this issue appeared.

City Councilman Rod McMorran voiced his frustration about the time at which this information was presented.

“That should’ve been caught in engineering, shouldn’t it, when they shot all those elevations?” McMorran asked, “Why wasn’t it presented before the project started?”

Larson responded by saying he did not expect the standing water to become as big as it is, and that the part of the street was so flat it was overlooked in the early stages of the project.

“I wish we could’ve caught it, we didn’t.” he said, “I’ll admit we didn’t catch it and it does happen, we try to analyze that as much as we can.”

Larson added cost of patching has already been absorbed so the city would only have to pay for the intake and tile line.

Larson said surveyors would take photos of the spot in question and then comeback to City Council with a plan and an estimate.

Greenfield sponsored project

City Council approved a contract with Lamb Tiling for the sponsored project.

The sponsored project is regarding the storm water channel that runs through the north half of the sports complex that has eroded. The project is financed with State Revolving Fund (SRF) loans at two percent interest. The interest money can be returned for a storm water quality project which incentivized the city to fix the erosion and other issues with the channel. City Clerk Rebecca Haase went as far to describe it as a zero-interest loan.

The contract had to be re-done and the process to get a new bond will begin in the next few days. Three to four year vegetative maintenance and three years of native seed establishment, mowing, weeding and trimming was added to the contract after the project was approved.

The maintenance agreement increased the bond $4,000 and now the total amount is approaching $15,000.

In other City Council news:

  • City Council approved the sale of two small land parcels and one bigger parcel.
  • Council members also approved the purchase of new police vehicles and equipment. The new squad car is a $34,755 2021 Ford Explorer. The police department is also getting a $15,000 Chevy Silverado. The Chevy interior will be equipped for $12,000. For $1,700 the police will also be getting new scanners, watch guard for vehicle interiors and body cameras for officers.
  • Chamber/Main Street and Business Women were seeking approval for holiday decorations. The Chamber/Main Street has approximately over $10,000 in their decorating account. Despite being a non-profit, they are not sales tax-exempt and went to the city to avoid those additional costs.
  • Adair County will be taking part in an 11-county broadband survey to assess the need for broadband in small, rural towns. This survey is being conducted by conjunction with Greater Des Moines Area Partnership.

The Greenfield City Council meets 6:30 p.m. the first Monday and third Tuesday of each month. One can contact the city council at or by phone at 641-743-2183.