June 20, 2021

2021 CHS Awards Night

2021 Senior Awards Night Recipients

United States Military Enlistees

Rachel Boyer - Iowa National Guard, Ethan Freeman - Marines, Wyatt Franklin - Navy, Adrien Guy - Army, Adam Pettit - Army, Lily Pryor - Air Force

American Bar American Citizenship Award Alison Van Gelder

Union County Chamber’s Youth of the Year — Braelyn Baker

Thomas Mortenson Scholarship — Brittany Vandevender

AMVC Scholarship — Dakota Winslow

Eagles Scholarships – Kaden Briggs, Colby Burg, Sierra Myers, and Brittany Vandevender

IBEA Outstanding Business Student Recognition Awards — Evan Bruce, Molly Sickels, Tatelyn Schultz, and Cole Strider

Hawkeye 10 Art Awards, Coe College Scholarships

1st Place: Jurnee Harvey, Self Portrait, Mixed Media2nd Place: Tyler Anson, Plant Life, Ceramics

Honorable Mentions: Ashton Cheers, When Life Gives you Lemons, Mixed Media, Chuck Taylor, Charcoal Self-Portrait, Watercolor Flower Pot, Ceramic, Jurnee Harvey, Chuck Taylor, Charcoal Plants, Mixed Media, Tyler Anson, Chuck Taylor, Watercolor Landscape Study, Watercolor Alex Roach, Untitled One, Digital Art; Untitled Two, Digital Art, Kordelia Taylor, Deep Sea, Mixed Media, Ash Hays, Grow Through What You Go Through, Latex and Spray Paint, All Conference Art Awards: Ash Hayes, Ashton Cheers

Herbert Hoover Uncommon Student Scholarship

Tatelyn Schultz

Coe College Impact Award, Iowa Kohawk Award, Trustee Scholarship,and Iowa Tuition Grant

Tatelyn Schultz

Coe College Impact Award, Iowa Kohawk Award, Trustee Scholarship,Visual & Performing Arts Scholarship in Art, and Iowa Tuition Grant

Ash Hays

Makayla Burgmaier Memorial Scholarship — Brittany Vandevender

Lynn Sickels Memorial Scholarship — Kadon Bolton

Dollars for Scholars Scholarships — Brodie Wallace, Angelina Chuong, Samantha Dunphy, Brance Baker, Karly Calvin, Braelyn Baker, Kolby Hulett, Molly Sickels, Dakota Winslow, Jackson Gerdes, Madison McCoubrey, Jonathan Kendrick, Madeline Frey

PEO Scholarships — Braelyn Baker, Brance Baker, Kenzie Britten, Lauryn Christensen, Angelina Chuong, Paige Davis, Brody Wallace

Greater Regional Medical Center Auxiliary Scholarships — Kaci Abildtrup, Karly Calvin, and Samantha Dunphy

Elk’s National Foundation Legacy Scholarships — Braelyn Baker and Rylie Driskell

Union County Farm Bureau Scholarships — Kaci Abildtrup, Rylie Abildtrup, Samantha Dunphy, and Alison Van Gelder

Joe Calvin Memorial Farm Bureau Scholarship — Karly Calvin

Christina Hixson Opportunity Award, Union County Hixson Awards

Brianna Hayes and Rylee Haynes

Jennie McDowell and Harlan Layton Scholarships

Daeton Abildtrup, Katie Buchanan, Gavin Shawler, and Keaton Street

Mickey Finn Memorial Scholarship

Karly Calvin

Kiwanis Scholarships

Kaci Abildtrup, Kolby Hulett, Kendra Mahan, and Connor Travis

First United Methodist Church Rick Stagg Achievement Scholarship

Rylie Driskell, Cael Kralik, and Brodie Wallace

2021 Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa Scholarship for Union County

Payton Luther

2021 Dorothy Peak 4-year Renewable Scholarship

Rylie Driskell

2021 Dollars for Scholars 4-year Renewable Scholarship

Kaci Abildtrup

Gary Veitz Memorial Scholarship

Paige Davis

Steve McCann Memorial Scholarship

Evan Bruce

Class of 1956 Scholarship

Sierra Myers

REACH Scholarship

Payton Luther

Martha Hammond Memorial Scholarship

Ashton Cheers

FFA Scholarships and AwardsTerry V. Taylor Memorial Scholarship

Alison Van Gelder

Louise Wenzig Memorial Scholarship

Alison Van Gelder

Paul and Verna Bailey Memorial Scholarship

Alison Van Gelder

Dekalb Award

Connor Travis

Kevin Eblen Memorial Scholarship

Kenzie Britten

Graceland University ScholarshipsDean’s Merit Scholarship and Men’s Basketball Scholarship

Kadon Briggs

UNI and Grand View ScholarshipsUNI Women’s Golf Scholarship and Academic Scholarship

Rylie Driskell

Grand View Men’s Golf Scholarship and Dean’s Scholarship

Colby Burg

University of Nebraska-Kearney ScholarshipUniversity of Nebraska-Kearney Athletic Wrestling Scholarship

Jackson Kinsella, 29. Mr. Tony Neubauer - Northwest Missouri State University Scholarships, NWMSU Women’s Basketball Scholarship, University Scholar, and Green and White Advantage Scholarship - Kelsey Fields 30. Ms. Melissa Driskell and Mrs. Joni Gillam - Booster Club Scholarships, Karly Calvin and Brodie Wallace 31. Ms. Joan Lienemann - CEA Scholarship, Noemy Aguirre 32.Mrs. Trisha Dickinson - Creston Basketball Association Scholarship: Braelyn Baker, Brance Baker, Kaden Briggs, Evan Bruce, Colby Burg, Rylie Driskell, Samantha Dunphy, Kelsey Fields, Cael Kralik, Clayton Stafford, Cole Strider 33. Mrs. Cait Maitlin - SWCC Scholarships: 34. Mr. Scott Driskell - Athletic Nominations, Bernie Saggau Award, Kim Bishop, Outstanding Athlete (Male and Female), Steve McDermott Citizenship Awards, Curt Olson Sportsmanship Awards, and 4x4 Awards

Ryli Abildtrup was awarded the following scholarships: $200 Bluegrass Board of Realtors, $300 Creston Rotary Club Scholarship, Volleyball Scholarship.

Kaci Abildtrup was awarded the following scholarships: $300 Creston Rotary Club Scholarship, $100 Mr. & Mrs. A.P. Speelman Endowment, $500 Creston Kiwanis Club Scholarship and Volleyball Scholarship.

Braelyn Baker was awarded the following scholarships: $350 Robert Beecher Memorial Scholarship, $250 Eric Crittenden Memorial Scholarship, Trustee Scholarship and Dance Scholarship.

Brance Baker was awarded the following: $300 Creston Rotary Club Scholarship, $250 Eric Crittenden Memorial Scholarship and Trustee Scholarship.

Kaden Bolton was awarded the $3,500 Jesse C. Morse Scholarship and $250 Lynn Sickels Memorial Scholarship.

Evan Bruce was awarded the Trustee Scholarship

Morgan Buxton was awarded the $400 Eric Crittenden Memorial Scholarship and $500 Tyler Insurance Services Scholarship,

Karly Calvin was awarded the $1,000 Lowell & Betty Sharp Endowment, $900 Iowa State Savings Bank - Karl and Jan Knock, $300 Creston Rotary Club Scholarship, $500 Mickey Finn Scholarship, Dance Scholarship and Collegiate Scholarship.

Jaida Fisher was awarded the $275 Paul Sommers Endowment and $100 Mr. & Mrs. A.P. Speelman Endowment

Madeline Frey was awarded a Volleyball Scholarship

Jurnee Harvey was awarded a Dance Scholarship

Kolby Hulett was awarded the $500 Ron Johnson Memorial Scholarship, $300 Creston Rotary Club Scholarship,

$400 Eric Crittenden Memorial Scholarship and $500 Creston Kiwanis Club Scholarship

Piper Lumbard was awarded the $400 Dr. Richard & Marilyn Provost Endowment and $150 John Coen Memorial Endowment

Payton Luther was awarded $1,550 Iowa State Savings Bank - David Driskell

Kendra Mahan was awarded the $100 Union County Federation Women’s Club Scholarship, $300 Creston Rotary Club Scholarship, $500 Eric Crittenden Memorial Scholarship, $500 Iowa State Savings Bank - David Driskell and $500 Creston Kiwanis Club Scholarship

Sierra Myers was awarded the $500 David & Mary Lou Taylor Endowment

Peyton Rice was awarded a Softball Scholarship

Clayton Stafford was awarded a Trustee Scholarship

Tyson Stuart was awarded the $300 Creston Rotary Club Scholarship and $500 Eric Crittenden Memorial Scholarship

Connor Travis was awarded the $300 Creston Rotary Club Scholarship, $150 John Coen Memorial Endowment and $500 Creston Kiwanis Club Scholarship

Alison Van Gelder was awarded the $225 Nile Ramsbottom Endowment, $300 Creston Rotary Club Scholarship and $400 Eric Crittenden Memorial Scholarship

Nathaniel Wells was awarded the $375 Russell & Sharon Booth Endowment and $1,000 Jesse C. Morse Scholarship

2021 Senior Athletic Awards

35.Mr. Bill Messerole-Hawkeye 10 Awards, and Academic Letter Winners Hawkeye 10 All Academic Winner - Marie Mullin-Hawkeye 10 Character Winner - Clayton Stafford

Academic Letter Winners

Outstanding Male Athlete - Brance Baker

Outstanding Female Athlete - Kelsey Fields

Bernie Saggau Award Winner - Clayton Stafford

Kim Bishop Award - Braelyn Baker

Curt Olson Sportsmanship Award - Jackson Kinsella

Curt Olson Sportsmanship Award - Karly Calvin

Steve McDermott Citizenship Award - Kaden Bolton

Steve McDermott Citizenship Award - Molly Sickels

Steve McDermott Citizenship Award - Paige Davis

4x4 Award - Braelyn Baker, Ethan Freeman, Cole Strider

E. Wayne Cooley Scholarship Nominee - Rylie Driskell

Robert Smiley Scholarship Nominee - Molly Sickels

Senior Letters and Pins

Letter-Chenille: Dustin Baker, Ashton Cheers, Jackson Gerdes, Kolby Hulett, Gabrille Kibbe, Adam Pettit, Connor Travis; 2nd Letter-Panther Pin: Abby Abell, Daeton Abiltrup, Morgan Buxton, Trinity Earleywine, Britain Miller, Cassie Ralston, Alex Roach, Tyson Stuart, Dakota Winslow; 3rd Letter-Lamp: Kaci Abildtrup, Ryli Abildtrup, Katelyn Adair, Noemy Aguirre, Unity Anderson, Tyler Anson, Braelyn Baker, Brance Baker, Kenzie Britten, Evan Bruce, Exodus Bruce, Colby Burg, Lauryn Christensen, Angelina Chuong, Paige Davis, Rylie Driskell, Samantha Dunphy, Kelsey Fields, Wyatt Franklin, Madeline Frey, Audrey Harris, Jurnee Harvey, Brianna Hayes, Rylee Hayes, Ash Hays, Piper Lumbard, Payton Luther, Kendra Mahan, Naliyah Montiel, Marie Mullin, Sierra Myers, Peyton Rice, Korbyn Ringer, Tatelyn Schultz, Molly Sickels, Clayton Stafford, Kordelia Taylor, Alison Van Gelder, Brittany Vandevender, Brodie Wallace, Amiya Watkins, Garon Wurster

Junior Letters and Pins

Letter-Chenille: Aidan Anderson, Garett Burkhalter, Jacob Coke, Avery Fuller, Peyton Guthrie, Zhen (Jenny) Li, Chantz Peckham, Erick Rodriguez, Macy Wiley, Alison Worthington; 2nd Letter-Panther Pin: Macy Adamson, Morgan Driskell, Hannah Dryden, Halle Evans, Brianna Fields, Katelyn Foglesong, Peyton Gordon, Maria Groumoutis, Alexzanderia Gutknecht, Gracie Hagle, Conner Hammons, Briley Hayes, Jalyn Klejch, Brooklyn Knight, Tyler Loudon, Anna Mikkelsen, Trinitey Miller, Hallie Orr, Sophia Patterson, Jessica Peddycoart, Megan Pellman, Brittany Seals, Taylor Seaton, Kalyn Shaw, Khalil Sherrod, Haley Simmons, Tyson Smith, Mallory Tallmon, Josie Travis, Corbyn Vicker, Paige Waddingham, Christopher Wells, Christopher Wilson, Juan Zamora

Sophomore Letters and Pins

Letter-Chenille: Mica Andreasen, Keegan Bailey, MaKenzie Baker, Haylee Brown, Caitlin Bruce, Jenna Busch, Aleah Calvin, Treyton Chesnut, Keely Coen, Payton Conley, Ethan Crawford, Riley DeGonia, Mikaela Downing, Bianca Flores, Caylee Flynn, Harlee Flynn, Haylee Gillam, Reese Glynn, Gannon Greenwalt, Cameron Guajardo, Carter Henderson, Owen Henderson, Ella Hoffman, Bridget Hopkins, Daile Keeler, Madalyn Kinsella, Jacy Kralik, Nevaeh Kuhlman, Rosetta Leonard, Alysha Marquardt, Luke McElwain, Brooklyn McKinney, Brendan Millslagle, Ayla Neely, Emma Pantini, Ami Patel, Doryn Paup, Brenna Peterson, Caylee Pettit, Ella Powers, Nolan Pryor, Hayden Ray, Tristen Rice, Hailee Schultz, Addison Snodgrass, Autumn Stafford, Kyle Stafford, Kyle Strider, Sydney Strunk, Patrick Varner, Caitlin Wagner, Abigail Walker, George Weis, Makayla Wilson, Riley Wipperman, Kate Woods, Trinity Woody, Cade Wurster