Creston sergeant charged with domestic assault resigns

Eric Shawler, the former Creston Police sergeant who was charged with domestic assault March 28, has voluntarily resigned as of 11 a.m. April 19. Shawler has served on the Creston Police Department since 2007.

According to court documents filed April 12, a plea of not guilty was entered on Shawler’s behalf by Rod K. Maharry, his defense attorney. Shawler also waived his right to a preliminary hearing.

To avoid a conflict of interest, Dallas County Attorney Charles Sinnard was appointed as special prosecutor in the case March 29 at the request of Shane O’Toole, Union County attorney.

Mike Taylor, Creston City administrator said Shawler will be paid out any vacation and comp time on the books prior to 11 a.m. April 19, and will lose any insurance at the end of this month. He will not receive any severance pay, but he will still be eligible for retirement benefits.

“It’s like any other person who would resign from the city,” said Taylor.

Iowa police officers who leave their jobs receive pensions regardless of whether they’re fired or quit voluntarily, according to the Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System.

As of 3 p.m. today, a call has not been returned by Sinnard or O’Toole for comment on how Shawler’s resignation may or may not affect any criminal filings.